Blittersdorf launches pre-owned renewable energy equipment marketplace

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Blittersdorf launches pre-owned renewable energy equipment marketplace

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 6:24am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Renewable energy entrepreneur David Blittersdorf has announced the launch of RENewed Wind and Solar, an online marketplace for refurbished wind and solar equipment.  RENewed Wind and Solar’s website,, offers bargain prices on an array of high quality pre-owned, refurbished, and never-before-used wind and solar equipment. From recalibrated anemometers to second-life solar panels, RENewed Wind and Solar provides customers with an eco-conscious shopping experience by reusing underutilized renewable assets.

RENewed Wind and Solar marks an exciting new direction for David Blittersdorf, who has been an innovative leader in the renewable energy sector for decades.  “My companies have earned national recognition by leveraging our more than 35 years of industry experience and constantly innovating our products, our thinking, and our goals,” Blittersdorf said.  “Along the way, we have acquired a bunch of wind and solar equipment that is still in great shape, but isn’t being actively used to help our planet or reduce carbon emissions. We don’t think this kind of quality equipment should sit in a warehouse — or worse, go to a landfill.  Instead, we want these resources in the hands of people who can put them to good use as soon as possible.”

A full inventory of the equipment currently available via RENewed Wind and Solar can be found at  

About RENewed Wind and Solar

RENewed Wind and Solar specializes in refurbished wind and solar equipment.  RENewed Wind and Solar selectively chooses assets that perform well over time and have been well-cared-for.  The company then rigorously tests their functionality, certifies their performance, and offers them for sale to value-seeking partners.

About David Blittersdorf — President / CEO, AllEarth Renewables

David Blittersdorf is an entrepreneur and engineer with nearly four decades of experience in the renewable energy industry, seeking to help prepare humanity for future energy constraints.  Upon completing his mechanical engineering degree, David founded NRG Systems in 1981, and over the next 23 years developed the business into a global leader in wind measurement technology, during which time he served as both board president and treasurer of the American Wind Energy Association. He stepped down as CEO of NRG Systems in 2004 to establish AllEarth Renewables.  Headquartered in Williston, Vermont, AllEarth Renewables is dedicated to bringing clean, renewable energy to businesses, farms, municipalities and homeowners to help lessen our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and reduce green-house gas emissions.  The company brings new, more efficient energy solutions to market - from community wind farms to solar generation and community passenger rail transportation.