State settles half-million dispute with pharmacy benefits manager

Vermont Business Magazine The Attorney General’s Office and the Vermont Department of Human Resources have settled a dispute with the state’s pharmacy benefits manager for $503,500. The State’s pharmacy benefits manager, Express Scripts, oversees management of prescription benefits for the State’s employees and retirees. The state will receive the settlement amount in increased guaranteed prescription rebates payable in 2019 for prescriptions purchased in 2018. The settlement resolves a dispute about charges paid by the state several years ago under a now-expired contract.

“I am pleased that we were able to deliver real value to the State while resolving our disagreement. Health care is more expensive every year and Vermont taxpayers and State employees need to know that State government is looking out for them.” Attorney General Donovan said.

The state provides a broad range of benefits for current and former employees, including prescription drug benefits. It delivers these benefits in part by contracting with specialized benefit managers. The settled dispute was over the meaning of terms in a contract that expired in 2013. Subsequent contracts with Express Scripts did not contain the disputed terms.

Source: Vermont AG 11.21.2018