Vergennes Laundry by CK with Chef Christian Kruse is Open!

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Vergennes Laundry by CK with Chef Christian Kruse is Open!

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 4:25pm -- Denise Sortor

Vergennes Laundry by CK officially opened its doors December 7th, 2017, welcoming the community with local favorites including specialty coffee drinks, pastries, brunch, and an inspired 3-course kickoff dinner menu. Soft-opening introductions now behind them, Chef Christian Kruse will be reshaping the Vergennes Laundry experience to include a distinctive small plate tapas menu, an expanded wine-paired dinner service, a Chef’s Table dining option, and much more.

Renovations to the venerated Laundry itself began in November last year, under the direction of interior designer, Joanne Palmisano. Visitors can now install themselves at two impressive round tables set in the Laundry’s prominent front windows while waiting for a seat in the main dining room. These striking creations were sliced from two old sage trees that stood for generations along the carriage road leading to Shelburne Farms. Virtuoso carpenter on the Laundry renovation project Bret Bundock, turned these unique pieces of Vermont heritage into installations worthy of the Laundry’s innovative new chef, and visionary culinary direction.

Locals are delighted to have their favorite coffee and bakery location re-open, but even more excited for the creative additions to the Laundry’s offerings.

Beth Marr who lives just around the corner from the restaurant said, "We had the most delicious dinner tonight. We enjoyed the incredible service and atmosphere as well. Can't wait to go again. Great Job!"

Another local, Jory Raphael, who frequents Vergennes Laundry, shared his experience simply stating, “The new Vergennes Laundry is comfortable, classy, and most importantly, completely delicious.”

Vergennes Laundry rang in the New Year with a gala 5-course wine-paired dinner and a packed house, and plans for more special events throughout the year are already in the works. "Vergennes Laundry provided a unique and intimate dining experience for my partner and I. Chef Christian created an exceptional meal that was executed with precision and impeccable attention to detail. He welcomed each guest before the meal began and made sure they had all the comforts to feel like home. His staff was highly attentive to each diner’s specific needs. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone!" Greg Warmt, Boston MA.

As Vergennes Laundry rolls into 2018, Chef Christian is fired up to bring something new and exciting to the community. The Laundry will be open every Wednesday through Sunday, 8am - 2pm for brunch, pastries, and coffee; and for tapas and small plate dinners, Wednesday through Saturday, from 5pm - 9pm.

Locals and visitors can look forward to an original and evolving menu featuring local, seasonal produce and provisions, specialty wine-paired dinner experiences, and local favorite pastry and brunch options.

Chef Christian and his team will keep their new website updated with all the details at “Thank you to the community for all your support and feedback over the last several weeks. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our table for years to come.”

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