Forty entrepreneurs present at the 2018 Road Pitch

Vermont Business Magazine Road Pitch, founded in 2014 by Cairn Cross, co-founder and managing director of FreshTracks Capital visited eight communities in Vermont between July 30th and August 2nd. The event is a multi-day motorcycle trip around Vermont where a pack of “business bikers” with investing, entrepreneurial/business and business advisory experience ride together and stop in small towns where “Local Organizers” have organized a pitch session for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to the group. There were 56 riders this year.

Here is a list of towns visited, entrepreneurs and winners.


  • Chubby Space
  • Kaden Apparel
  • Perky Planet Coffee
  • Paired IQ
  • QOR 360

Winner: QOR 360

Hyde Park

  • DiscKeeper
  • Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms
  • Vermont Homestead Gourmet
  • Trivia Nights Live
  • Electron Beam Curing

Winner: Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms


  • Box2X
  • Synticos
  • Vermont Evaporator Company
  • The Floating Letter Company
  • Sweet Times Cupcakes

Winner: Synticos


  • Paca Performance Gear
  • Campus Pro App
  • Kirsh Helmets
  • Fabber
  • Inky’s Bookshelf

Winner: Kirsh Helmets


  • Calypso Consulting
  • Local Captures
  • Debutant Web Design
  • X-_University
  • C Major Improvement

Winner: Local Captures


  • The Sprang Chair
  • Venutopia
  • Green Writers Press
  • Bordertown Farm
  • Big Picture Beef

Winner: The Sprang Chair

St Johnsbury

  • Beecon
  • Whacking Fatties
  • The Osto-Valve
  • Northview Weather
  • BikerLoops

Winner: Northview Weather


  • goodMix Foods
  • Bodega
  • She Fly
  • Still Thyme Botanicals

Winner: She Fly