Native Energy, REV put price on carbon

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Native Energy, REV put price on carbon

Thu, 09/21/2017 - 11:50am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine On October 2nd and 3rd business and community leaders, policymakers, researchers, and environmental organizations will come together in northern New England at Renewable Energy Vermont’s Annual Conference and Expo, REV2017. For almost two decades, REV has provided space for the innovation and dialogue that will help break down cost barriers to affordable, clean and renewable electricity, heating and transportation.

While utilities in Vermont have a statutory obligation to meet an annually increasing Renewable Portfolio Standard, providing customers with 55% percent renewable energy, some of the energy powering South Burlington is still sourced from fossil fuels. Last year, the Renewable Energy Vermont Conference and Expo brought together almost 500 attendees.  The electricity and heating/cooling of the meeting space - 13,946 square feet for almost two days - produced upwards of 1,028.29 lbs of CO2e emissions.

That’s why Native Energy has partnered with REV for this year’s event. Based in Burlington, Vermont, Native Energy works with companies and other organizations to build new renewable energy and carbon reduction projects that create value while helping public health and our environment.  

“We are excited to collaborate with REV to accelerate action on renewable energy in Vermont and beyond,” says Jeff Bernicke, CEO of Native Energy. “Working with sustainability leaders, we know the private and public sectors need these innovations and clean energy options.”

“Our Brave Little State has a commitment to achieve 90% of its total energy needs from renewable, clean energy, and we are proud to do our part each day to meet that commitment ahead of schedule,” said Olivia Campbell Andersen, Executive Director of Renewable Energy Vermont, a nonprofit association which represents the people bringing about a clean energy transformation in New England. “However, we are not all of the way there yet, and it is important to REV members that we find a way to price carbon pollution to mitigate limited customer electricity choices for our conference.”

Native Energy is working with Renewable Energy Vermont to neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity and fuel usage of the event by contributing to a clean water project in Sidama, Ethiopia.

Waterborne illness is a leading cause of death for young children, and untreated water is dangerous to people of all ages. In places like Sidama, boiling water to purify it is one, if not the only, option. This process creates significant indoor air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and deforestation. By providing upfront funding for the installation of community water filters, the contributions made on behalf of the conference will reduce greenhouse gas pollution associated with boiling water and bring clean air and water to Sidama families.

Organizations such as the Dave Matthew’s Band, Ben & Jerry’s, Eileen Fisher, Cliff Bar and Aveda benefit from Native Energy’s ability to bring impact investments like these to life, to generate renewable energy, lower carbon emissions, or deliver clean water directly in, and around, their value chain.

To learn more about REV2017: Renewables For All, visit, call 802-229-0099, or email  

About Native Energy:

Native Energy works with large global brands and small local organizations to achieve their climate and sustainability goals. With a focus on custom projects that create long-term, positive impacts we help build new renewable energy projects and create carbon reduction projects – from sustainable agriculture to clean water – that strengthen global supply chains, improve the economics for smallholder farmers, promote human health, enhance biodiversity, improve soil quality, and more. Learn more at

About Renewable Energy Vermont:

Renewable Energy Vermont represents businesses, non-profits, utilities, and individuals committed to reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels by increasing clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency in Vermont. Vermont’s clean energy economy directly enables at least 19,080 jobs at 3,751 businesses, representing approximately 6% of Vermont’s workforce. Together, we will achieve 90% total renewable energy (electric, thermal, transportation) before 2050. Learn more at

Source: REV. 9.21.2017