Keurig teams up with James Corden to 'Brew the Love' across America

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Keurig teams up with James Corden to 'Brew the Love' across America

Fri, 10/06/2017 - 9:51am -- tim

Keurig and James Corden are teaming up to show real-life coffee drinkers why they should ditch their drip for a Keurig coffee maker, challenging them to Brew the Love in a fun and engaging series of TV, digital and social media videos. (Photo: Business Wire)

Vermont Business Magazine If you're a Patriots football fan living in Vermont, you might have been startled to see a commercial during the game Thursday night featuring one of TV's biggest stars, and an English fella no less, roaming around neighborhoods of middle America early in the morning, getting people out in the street in their jammies to pitch our local coffee company. Keurig Green Mountain, Inc has  teamed up with television, theater and film star James Corden to launch the Keurig brand’s new Brew the Love campaign. Charging their way across America, Keurig and Corden are out to show real-life coffee drinkers why they should ditch their drip for a Keurig coffee maker, challenging them to Brew the Love in a fun and engaging series of TV, digital and social media videos, which launched last Monday. But most Vermonters probably didn't see the broadcast spots until they'd settled in to watch Tom Brady and the Pats play on Thursday Night Football.

The new campaign seeks to convert drip coffee drinkers everywhere to upgrade to Keurig single serve devotees, focusing on the powerful emotions associated with enjoying a personalized cup of great coffee delivered by the innovative Keurig brewing system. Armed with the brand-new Keurig K-Select coffee maker, Corden and Keurig are sounding a wakeup call, encouraging Americans everywhere to experience the modern way to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee.

“Our Keurig brewing system has inspired an amazing fan base of coffee enthusiasts, including the talented James Corden,” said Scott Moffitt, Chief Brand and Beverage Officer at Keurig. “His positive energy and captivating sense of humor is exactly what ‘Brew the Love’ is all about, and we’re excited to have him help us spread the word.”

Featuring real consumers who drink drip coffee, each piece of content follows Corden and his Keurig crew as they show surprised coffee drinkers just how easy it is to switch to Keurig and get their perfect cup of high-quality coffee — something Corden himself knows can make or break the day.

“As someone who’s up ‘til all hours of the night for work, I have a real appreciation for great coffee,” said Corden. “So, when Keurig approached me to be a part of their ‘Brew the Love’ campaign, I was all in.”

Corden and his Fulwell 73 Production team co-produce CBS Television Studios “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” and worked closely with Keurig and agency partner Havas New York to collaborate on the video concepts. A true partnership, Fulwell 73 partner and co-founder Gabe Turner directed each piece, including the campaign’s social content with Corden explaining just how easy it is for consumers to brew delicious, robust coffee with the convenience and ease of a Keurig brewer. The football game was on CBS.

Corden is most famous for his carpool karaoke has featured the biggest stars in music, and Hollywood glitterati like Julia Roberts and George Clooney. And he's BFFs with Adele. And now he's pitching a Vermont coffee company, which happens to have over $4 billion in sales and more than 5,000 employees worldwide, but is still based in Waterbury.

“We were thrilled that Keurig was so open to collaboration,” said Ben Winston, co-founder of Fulwell 73 and executive producer of the ‘Late Late Show.’ “We had a blast working with their team and Havas to develop concepts that would showcase the innovation of Keurig with a genuine and entertaining spin.”

Challenging all coffee lovers and converting taste buds across America, the Brew the Love campaign will feature video content placed across broadcast, digital and social media platforms. Find the movement and join the conversation by following #BrewTheLove on social media and at

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) is a leader in specialty coffee and innovative single serve brewing systems. Committed to delivering exceptional coffee for more than 35 years, today our Keurig® brewers and single serve hot beverages are in more than 20 million homes and offices throughout North America. In under a minute, Keurig® brewers consistently and conveniently deliver a fresh-brewed, great tasting cup with just the push of a button. As a testament to that quality, more than 50 leading global coffee, tea and cocoa brands have partnered with Keurig, joining beloved owned brands like Green Mountain Coffee® and The Original Donut Shop® coffee to offer consumers vast personal choice from 500+ varieties. As a company founded on social responsibility, Keurig is committed to using the power of business to brew a better world through our work to build resilient supply chains, sustainable products, and thriving communities. For more information, visit, and to purchase Keurig products visit or

Source: WATERBURY, Vt.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Keurig Green Mountain, Inc 10.6.2017