Northfield and Roxbury have expanded 911 and cell service

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Northfield and Roxbury have expanded 911 and cell service

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 2:42pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine This past week, expanded cell service arrived in Northfield and Roxbury. Thanks to new microcell technology being piloted in Vermont by CoverageCo, a three mile stretch between the two towns on VT Route 12A now has access to talk, text, and 911 services. CoverageCo founder Vanu Bose said, “When we set out to prove that innovative partnerships and new technology could solve the challenge of rural cell coverage, we knew we needed a state willing to try something different. Vermont has proven to be a great state for our microcell pilot project, and I’m happy that from Northfield to Canaan, we’re seeing real success.”

CoverageCo installs and maintains microcell devices, called “radios,” on poles or buildings that use very little energy and provide cell service in a half mile radius. The radios work with Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers, though AT&T has decided not to participate.

Bose continued, “Deploying cell service in Vermont has been a real community effort. To bring service to their customers, businesses around the state have been volunteering to host radios on their buildings. And many homeowners have done the same to help bring service to their neighborhoods.”

Since launching their pilot project with the State of Vermont and the EDA in 2012, CoverageCo has installed 150 radios, providing 375 square miles of service where there was none before. Last year alone, CoverageCo’s radios enabled almost 1000 completed calls to 911. CoverageCo is continuing deployment of its network to communities around the state this year.

Source: Northfield, VT - August 16, 2017 -