Military and overseas voting information for Vermont

Vermont Business Magazine Military and overseas voters should register to vote and request an absentee ballot for the November election as soon as possible.  This will help ensure that all ballots, which must be returned by mail, are received back from the voters no later than Election Day. Ballots will be sent to all military or overseas voters that have requested them no later than Friday, September 23, 2016. Ballots will be sent the same day for any requests received after that deadline.

Secretary of State Jim Condos said: "Many Vermonters are enlisted in the military helping to protect our freedoms, including our freedom to vote.  We are thankful for their service and the sacrifices they make in being away from home.  Other Vermonters reside overseas but retain their fundamental right to vote and participate in our democracy.

"As Vermont’s chief elections officer, I take to heart the sacred duty we all have to vote and engage in our democracy. I work hard to remove unnecessary barriers to voting including those caused by being overseas or on active duty during elections. Vermont has become a leader in this regard with online registration and generous early voting and absentee ballot measures.

"Voting for our military and overseas voters is now easier than ever. It is my pleasure to present this information to help these Vermonters register and vote."

How to Obtain a Military and Overseas Ballot

It is now easier than ever for military and overseas personnel to participate in the election process by requesting an early ballot online. You can register to vote and request an early ballot with our new online election management system. 

Any registered voter in Vermont, including those in the military or overseas, may request a ballot through their My Voter Page, here:

If you are not registered, you may register online:

In addition to the My Voter Page, military and overseas voters may also utilize services unique to those voters that are available on our website provided by the Overseas Vote Foundation:

Finally, these voters may also visit the website of the Federal Voting Assistance Program at:  

Every Vermonter should have the opportunity to vote.  The votes cast by those serving overseas or temporarily away are no less important than any other. Remember, your Vote is Your Voice!