House passes bill to promote renewable energy development, create green jobs

The House has passed the Renewable Energy and Green Jobs Bill, H.446, to promote in-state renewable energy development and create well-paying green jobs for Vermonters around the state. The bill will encourage community-scale renewable energy developments and expedite the delivery of $21 million in stimulus funds for green energy projects. It is estimated that 15-20 jobs will be created per megawatt of installation every year. The bill passed third reading by a 2-to-1 margin, 88-44.
This bill is a great step in the right direction to building a clean, renewable, Vermont-based energy future and to bring well-paying jobs in the emerging green economy to our communities, said House Speaker Shap Smith. On the first day of the session, I said our focus would be on creating new and lasting economic opportunities for Vermonters now and laying the groundwork for a stronger, more vibrant state in the future. This bill accomplishes both of those goals.
The House worked hard to craft a thoughtful bill that will deliver on new renewable energy development and green jobs for Vermonters, said House Natural Resources and Energy Chair Tony Klein, D-East Montpelier. Our bill not only talks the talk on renewable energy and green jobs, it walks the walk.
The Renewable Energy and Green Jobs Bill will:

Encourage community-scale renewable energy development like solar, methane, wind and hydroelectric generation, by giving developers certainty in the return they ll receive on their projects so they will invest in small Vermont projects
Create 15 20 jobs in engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and installation per megawatt of installation every year
Expedite the delivery of $21 million in stimulus funds for green energy projects through the Clean Energy Development Fund
Aligns state building codes with federal standards so we can receive stimulus funding for weatherization
Creates a pilot program that will allow Vermont s biggest businesses like IBM to invest in their own energy-saving measures

Source: Office of the Speaker