Seventh Generation's Jeffrey Hollender Named CEO of the Year

Seventh Generation's Jeffrey Hollender Named CEO of the Year

Seventh Generation's Jeffrey Hollender Named CEO of the Year
National Award Honors Corporate Responsibility Achievements

BURLINGTON, Vt.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Seventh Generation, the nation's leading brand
of natural and non-toxic household products, announced today that President and
Chief Inspired Protagonist Jeffrey Hollender has been named 2008 Social
Entrepreneur CEO of the Year by Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) magazine.
CRO's annual CEO of the Year awards honor corporate leaders whose outstanding
organizational leadership in the areas of corporate responsibility; governance,
risk and compliance; sustainability; and philanthropy has led to significant
company growth. The awards' Social Entrepreneur category is reserved for
companies whose mission addresses larger social goals in addition to traditional
business objectives.
Selected by the CRO magazine editorial board, the winners of the CEO of the Year
award form a who's-who of the nation's top corporate responsibility leaders.

This distinguished roster consists of those individuals found to be the
country's most effective ambassadors for and practitioners of corporate
responsibility. According to CRO president and publisher Jay Whitehead, the 2008
honorees "represent nothing short of hope for the future of our economy and way
of life."

Hollender will receive his award at a ceremony to be held on October 29th at the
Stephens Convention Center in Chicago.

"It's a tremendous honor," he said. "But it's one that should be shared by
everyone here at Seventh Generation. We've only been able to achieve all that
we've accomplished as a business because there are dozens of extraordinarily
dedicated people who come to the office every day and do everything they can to
make a positive difference in both our company and our world."

"There couldn't be a more important time to receive this award. As the world is
engulfed in the fear and uncertainty caused by the huge disruption in our
financial markets, home foreclosures and lost jobs, we must ensure that the
practice of corporate responsibility is spread to every sector of our society.

Now is not the time to retreat in fear, but forge ahead to create a better and
brighter world for all."

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