CCV to buy Woodbury College's Montpelier campus

Montpelier (November 11, 2008) Woodbury College and the Community College of Vermont (CCV) announced today that the two institutions have agreed to the sale of Woodbury's campus located at 660 Elm Street in Montpelier to the Vermont State Colleges for CCV. The closing is scheduled to take place at the end of December. In August of this year, Woodbury College announced that it would become the Woodbury Institute at Champlain College. As part of this transition, Woodbury will move to the Champlain campus in Burlington at the end of the calendar year.
The purchase of the Woodbury campus will allow CCV to consolidate its administrative offices, now located in Waterbury, with its Montpelier learning center, currently leased from the Vermont College of Fine Arts on College Street. CCV will transfer its Waterbury operations to Montpelier this June. Relocating its Montpelier learning center is several years away as the Woodbury facility will require additional construction to accommodate the delivery of its programs to students.
Once completed, the consolidated location will include classrooms, science labs, an art studio, a Learning Center, and office space for administrative and student services. CCV's Montpelier location is the third largest of the College's locations, enrolling 600 students each semester and employing over a dozen staff and nearly 70 faculty members.
According to CCV President Tim Donovan, "This was a perfect opportunity for CCV to consolidate two of our main facilities into one convenient location. Moving our central administrative staff into a building that serves students and faculty on a daily basis is positive for CCV and its students. Additionally, the consolidated location will be less expensive to the College and, therefore, its students than the projected costs of continuing current leases."

"We have worked hard to ensure that this wonderful building would continue being used for the public good. I am very pleased that CCV will be the new owner and that it will continue to be used to support the education of Vermonters," said Larry Mandell, president of Woodbury.
This is good news for the City of Montpelier according to Mayor Mary Hooper. "The City of Montpelier is delighted that Community College of Vermont will continue to make Montpelier its home. We think the Woodbury Campus as well as the community of Montpelier is a great fit for this important institution and look forward to welcoming CCV employees into town as well as continuing to host CCV students."