McKelvey Foundation taps Champlain College

McKelvey Foundation taps Champlain Colleges BYOBiz program
to co-promote entrepreneurial scholarships

--Entrepreneurial scholarship applications due January 15--

BURLINGTON, Vt.--The McKelvey Foundation of New York City has selected Champlain Colleges BYOBiz program as a partner in the McKelvey Entrepreneurial Scholarship program. Through its innovative entrepreneurial program for college students, Champlain College will help promote the McKelvey scholarships to young college-bound entrepreneurs.

The McKelvey Foundation, founded by former CEO of Andrew McKelvey, awards up to $40,000 scholarships to young entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses in high school and wish to continue on to college. Selected students are awarded up to $10,000 per year at a four-year college and are given the opportunity to meet with other scholars during a summer e-Venture program. Applications for the McKelvey Entrepreneurial Scholarships are due each year by January 15. They are available at

Champlains BYOBiz program recruits students who have businesses to launch or grow while they earn a degree in any major. In concert with their chosen academic program, BYOBiz helps provide students with the foundation for their entrepreneurial careers, while hands-on mentorship from specialists and members of the business community provide them with the business know-how they need to make their ideas work.

McKelvey Foundation Executive Director Christine McKelvey stated, When we choose our scholarship recipients, we are investing in more than just four years of college. We want to insure that our scholars are receiving not only the best education, but that they are provided resources and mentoring outside of the classroom to grow their businesses. We feel that Champlain College is successfully providing all of these things. They are dedicated to nurturing and growing the entrepreneurial spirit in their students, and we are confident our scholars will have an excellent learning experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Champlain College President Dave Finney said, The McKelvey-Champlain relationship is an ideal match that will benefit bright, young entrepreneurs in all disciplines who might attend Champlain under a McKelvey Entrepreneurial Scholarship. Were proud to be included as a McKelvey-approved institution and will aggressively promote this opportunity to high school students and guidance counselors in our market.

Foundation founder Andrew McKelvey got his first exposure to entrepreneurism as a young teen selling eggs at a profit of 10 cents per dozen. After creating and growing TMP Worldwide, Inc., including the Internet job search company (NASDAQ: MNST), he established the McKelvey Foundation to offer young people the benefits of a college education without the burden of debt many students face after graduation. In 2006, the Foundation introduced an entrepreneurial scholarship program, providing e-scholarships to 10 young business owners. In 2007, 52 students received e-scholarships, and in 2008 the goal is 100.

Applicants for the McKelvey Entrepreneurial Scholarship program must own and operate a business or nonprofit for at least one year, have at least one paid employee, have sales revenue unless they are a nonprofit, and submit an online application and FAFSA form for financial aid. Scholarship recipients also must attend a summer e-Venture program in St. Louis, Mo.

Champlain Colleges BYOBiz program is attracting the interest of young entrepreneurs from around the country and has earned national recognition in Entrepreneur magazine, USA Today and Marketplace business report on public radio.