Champlain's online computer forensics program is first in the nation

Champlain College is launching its Computer and Digital Forensics program on the Internet this fall. The program prepares professionals to examine computers and pull relevant evidence from them, and it is the first online degree of its kind in the country.
Computers represent the fastest growing technology used by criminals for literally all types of crimes, and the numbers of computer and network security incidents are increasing, said program director Gary Kessler, a nationally recognized computer security expert. The professional computer forensics examiner needs to understand the law, the technology and the investigative process.
Today, computers often play a key role in the commission of crimes, as in financial fraud and identity theft, while at other times they serve as record-keepers of conversations and incriminating data.
Online students can earn a professional certificate, associates degree or bachelors degree in this discipline without setting foot on the Champlain campus, and accelerated courses are also available. Interested individuals may visit or call (877) 772-CCOL. The Computer and Digital Forensics program has been offered on campus since Fall 2003.
Founded in 1878, Champlain College first offered online courses in 1993 and now offers 10 full degree programs via the Internet.