Lane Press first with Hiflex, Creo

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Lane Press first with Hiflex, Creo

Mon, 07/19/2004 - 8:00pm -- tim

Lane Press First North American Printer With
Integrated Hiflex And Creo Solution
JDF Compliant Programs Provide End-to-End Automation
BURLINGTON, VT -- (July 15, 2004) The Lane Press, Inc. has announced the implementation of the JDF- (Job Definition Format) compliant HIFLEX®PRINT and Creo Prinergy solutions for a complete end-to-end automation of the printing process. Lane Press is the first North American printer with an integrated manufacturing resource planning (MRP) solution and prepress system. Together, these solutions provide real- time, job-specific data flow throughout the manufacturing process.

HIFLEX PRINT is an MRP that supports all printing business processes from estimating to the final invoice. Creo Prinergy is a suite of automated prepress solutions for workflow management, web-based file processing, and soft proofing. HIFLEX PRINT is the only print-specific MRP that is integrated with the Creo Prinergy solution. Lane Press is the first printer in North America to implement HIFLEX.
HIFLEX Corp. and Creo are Networked Graphic Production (NGP) partners committed to promoting the industry-wide adoption of the JDF format. JDF is an industry standard XML-based language designed to streamline information exchange between disparate systems during the manufacturing process. This cross-vendor integration provides print job tracking from inception to completion with a detailed account of the creative, prepress, press, and delivery processes.
According to Philip Drumheller, president of Lane Press, this action represents a sweeping process improvement in printing. The JDF format allows us to enter job requirements into the HIFLEX MRP application at the start of the process. The job data will be passed to the Creo Prinergy system to automate the prepress workflow area. One of the benefits of JDF-compliant technology is the sharing of data across disparate systems. We will have a single access point to critical job data. As a result, we will see efficiency gains and reduced chances for human error as the process becomes fully automated."
The benefits of a Networked Graphic Production environment via JDF using HIFLEX PRINT and Creo Prinergy include:

" Seamless flow of data throughout the plant

" Quick access to job status information

" Reduction in manual processes and in turn,error rates

" Reduced cycle times

" Job activities tracking and reporting for accurate costing and invoicing

" Increased opportunity for interaction with the manufacturing process
The implementation of a Networked Graphic Production environment at Lane Press will contribute to more efficient processes that positively impact the bottom line, said Larry Letteney, president of Creo Americas. We are all fighting to keep and grow our businesses in this challenging environment. Extending the NGP concept out to Lane Press customers with Synapse Prepare and Synapse Link will help create strong bonds of customer intimacy and provide better tools for conducting business relationships.
Our commitment to Networked Graphic Production is a logical step for us because it automates the entire print production process from idea to delivery, said Thomas Reichhart, president of Hiflex Corp. The advantages of NGP are clear, we have no doubt in the NGP initiative's ability to strengthen the competitive position of its users.
The Lane Press implementation of HIFLEX and Prinergy will be completed in the summer of 2004.