Who We Are We are woman-owned. We are award-winning. We are Vermont Awards and Engraving.

We are a group of people who believe our tagline Recognition is Respect Made Visible, and work to create each award, sign, or trophy in such a way that the recipient feels recognized and respected.

This is why we don’t laser metal — It is quick and cheap (and it looks it)!

This is why we won’t make cheap plaques (by lasering them) — We worked hard to develop an economic alternative because, budget aside, people deserve to be recognized with respect. This leads us to sublimation (where the design & layout takes just as long, but production is short).

This is why we invested in a sand carver — Glass blasted with sand has a depth that catches the light and adds a radiance to the finished product that lasering or rotary engraving can’t match.

This is why we invested in laser technology — Metals aside, it does a superb job on plastics, acrylics, wood, and bricks.

This is why we have no phone menus — One of us will answer your call 9-5, M-Th EST.

Please note - our staff is fully vaccinated so you may safely enter our showroom.

This is why we are constantly finding new products and technologies — We come to work every day to spread the respect we have for our customers and the people they wish to recognize.

This is what makes us an award-winning team — We’ve won Best of Business awards every year it’s been run, 6 so far. We’re also a Better Business Bureau A+ business.


vermontawards.com • 802-862-3000 • [email protected]