Washington County Mental Health Services: Providing Compassionate, Data-Driven, Trauma Informed Care

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by Kirk Postlewaite, MS. Communication & Development Director, Washington County Mental Health Services, Inc.


Since 1967, Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS) has provided services in the Washington County region.  In 2018 WCMHS’ 800+ dedicated staff provided supports and services to 4000+ individuals and over 7,000 community members in total.   Our slogan is “Where Hope & Support Come Together”, and we work hard to ensure we provide human centered supports with data driven outcomes supported by evidence based, time tested services.

For over 50 years we have worked to serve our community through education, support, and treatment of individuals who live with mental health challenges, substance use issues, or developmental disabilities.  The mission of WCMHS is to advocate for the inclusion of all persons into our community and actively encourage Self-Determination, Resilience and Recovery.  Whether we are working with a child one-on-one in a school system, providing therapy to an individual in an office setting, meeting someone in their home for an appointment or assisting with a crisis response in our local hospital, we work for successful outcomes and wellness for each individual and family we serve.

Washington County Mental Health Services celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 and we reflected upon the mission we initially adopted and maintain today – moving people with mental illness and

developmental disabilities out of institutions and into our communities.  The greatest knowledge that we have gained in the past 50 years is the realization that all of us need to tend to our mental health, that we all have family members or friends who may be touched by mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.

Our differences have become our similarities. We take comfort as community members when we realize that we all have the same struggles and, therefore, look to move ourselves and our loved ones to greater health.   

In 2018, WCMHS was recognized as a Center of Excellence by Vermont Care Partners (VCP), our statewide advocacy and practice improvement organization.  VCP represents 16 agencies
statewide, providing leadership for an integrated system of services and supports for mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorders.  As the first of two Centers of Excellence in Vermont, WCMHS was recognized for being “…a great place to get care and a great place to work. It is an organization or program within an organization that is an integral part of the health neighborhood — providing rapid access…. high value, comprehensive, whole person care supporting resiliency, recovery, and results in excellent outcomes, and high client satisfaction.”  This recognition was a great honor for WCMHS.  Going forward as a Center of Excellence, WCMHS will continue with the work we do to support some of our most vulnerable community members.  We will provide excellent care at an affordable cost, and we will remain steadfast in our mission.   

WCMHS is a major employer in central Vermont, with over 800 full and part time staff.  Our staff reports a high degree of satisfaction with their work environment, our organizational culture and the meaning they get from the work they do.  Our management team strives consistently to engage and inspire our workforce, and we are proud of the innovative and compassionate programming that is the foundation of our organization.







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