Vermont Trophy & Engraving: It's Been A GREAT Year!

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Due entirely to our wonderful customers – we won a Vermont Business Magazine BOB award!
As we made them, we got to make ourselves a plaque! That was humbling and exciting.

Northwestern Medical Center wrapped up their capital fundraising campaign, “Exceptional” and partnered with us for interior signs. We contracted with local stoneworker, A&N Stoneworks, to source the material and have it cut it into beautiful maple leaves, which we sandcarved with messages and remembrances specified by the donors. NMC also worked with Vermont artist, Caroline Parent, Eye Feast Art, LLC. to design and create the stunning fused glass wall panels for donor recognition. We sandcarved each individual glass pebble with further donor names and messages, which Carolyn attached to the panels during installation for a breathtaking end result.

A project dear to our hearts was the completion of COTS renovation of their 95 North Avenue location. The new daystation is an even more wonderful and welcoming place than it was before, and we were proud to be able to work with COTS to design and engrave beautiful pieces in locally sourced slate and maple to recognize the fantastic generosity of all the folks who made the transformation possible.

Both cases allowed us to expand our network of suppliers to include more excellent Vermont companies we look forward to working with on future projects. This aligns with our value of supporting local businesses and communities whenever possible.

After a lot of hard work, we received our Women Owned Small Business Certification through The documentation requirements are massive, and a site visit makes certain women are truly engaged in the day-to-day operation of the business. The certification gives us access to companies who set aside a portion of their purchasing for doing business with small and minority run businesses. It also demonstrates the company’s financial and managerial strength.

A final highlight – our second-generation owner, Jessie Swétel - was named a Rising Star, twice! She was recognized by both Vermont Business Magazine and the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce as an up and coming community leader. She was aware of the nomination for the VBM award, the Rising Star, but the LCRCC award came as a complete surprise – Jessie makes the Chamber awards generally - but little did she know the information she’d been given was for a “decoy” award and her
co-owner (and Mother) secretly created the real one without her knowledge. When her name was called at the dinner it was totally unexpected! Both dinners were nights never to be forgotten and gave Jessie a whole new perspective, being on the receiving end of an award instead of the design and creation side!

This year has been filled with turmoil and uncertainty for many folks, but we are glad to be able to say genuinely that at its core it’s been another one for us that reinforces Vermont as the best place we could ask to call home. We are grateful to be able to look forward to the future with optimism, being surrounded by such values driven and loyal clients and community members.

Thanks for a great year and here’s to the next one being even more amazing!



Margi Swett & Jessie Swétel

Owners, Vermont Trophy & Engraving

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