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Make Fire Safety Less of a Hassle

Nicholas Kaufmann

Sales Represenative & Marketing Manager


Typically, the commercial property owner, facility director, business owner or maintenance manager holds the responsibility of fire safety. With busy schedules, it may not always be on their mind but it is one of the most important aspects of building maintenance. Fire safety systems including
fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler system, kitchen hood suppression systems, and extinguishers reduce the risk of dozens of emergency situations, keeping employees and property safer. Most businesses hire a different company for each installation, inspection or repair of these systems. This means businesses pay one company for fire alarm service, another for fire sprinkler service, another for extinguishers service and so on. It is often quite a hassle to remember when each system is due and finding availability, fitting each individual inspection into your schedule, knowing who to call for an emergency, and so on. What separates Vermont Life Safety from the rest is our ability to eliminate that hassle created by using multiple fire safety companies. We save hundreds of businesses time and money each year by providing all fire safety system installs, inspections and repairs, all while offering the most competitive pricing. Having one affordable and reliable vendor for all inspections, sales and emergency service makes it easier for businesses to comply with schedules, laws, insurance and budgets.


Lower Insurance Rates & Limited Liability

If a building is equipped with any fire safety systems, most insurance companies will require some proof of tests and inspections each year and always require it in the event of a fire. Insurance companies often offer discounts or business premium reductions for properly installed, maintained and professionally monitored fire-safety systems. Following their procedures allows businesses to limit liability for any potential injuries suffered by tenants, employees or guests to your business. Furthermore, insurance claims may be rejected.


Avoid Breaking the Law

Whether the building is equipped with a commercial fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, suppression system or all three, regular tests and inspections are mandatory by law under National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72). Authority having jurisdictions may charge heavy fees for systems that are not up to date with inspection, code or function. Fire safety systems are subject to malfunction. Faulty alarms not only waste city resources such as that of a local fire department, but they too can come with heavy fees.


Make a difference

It’s easy to understand why mandatory fire safety inspections should be viewed as a benefit to the building or business owner, rather than a hindrance, but the process is still overlooked. Fire codes, standards and ordinances vary by jurisdiction, city and state, so it’s important to know the rules where you conduct business. Lastly, if you don't own your building, check with the owner to ensure their fire alarm inspections and all systems are up to code. With Vermont Life Safety, following through with prep for your annual fire inspection and making suggested corrections is simpler. Not having your
systems tested each year can cost your business more than the cost of a simple test and inspection. Hopefully, this has informed you on a few of the important items of fire safety systems, why they must be inspected and how Vermont Life Safety can make that process easier than ever before. For more information, contact Vermont Life Safety today.


Nicholas Kaufmann is a sales representative and marketing specialist at Vermont Life Safety llc. With 3 years of experiance in the commercial fire safety and security industry Nicholas is driven by the opportunity he sees in developing more effective ways to not only bring awarness of fire safety and security to business owners but find solutions to b2b problems within the industry. Nicholas is a graduate of Champlain College Stiller School of Business in 2018 with a degree in marketing.

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