Vermont Awards & Engraving: Serve, Create, Exceed, Repeat.

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Vermont Awards & Engraving is a unique small business that strives to create meaningful and lasting pieces for our clients – but why do we stand out?

We are an award-winning B2B recognition and signage company and our focus is to far exceed industry standards. I’d say we’re doing a great job of that when looking at how many of our clients have been with us for a decade or more. It’s not just that we are a one-stop-shop for awards, signage, name tags, ad specialty, etc. which makes their lives easier, it’s that we care enough to get to know them so who they are is reflected in the end product. Most of our staff have also been with us for many years, so clients get the benefit of a long term view – we’ll know what you have had done in years past, what you like, what’s not your style, your usual budget, etc. so repeat clients can skip the stress of trying to look through an overwhelming number of product options and instead leave it up to staff who has known them for years to bring them handpicked suggestions that we think are the best choices for what they’re trying to achieve.

While much of our industry has moved to laser engravers for metal, we continue to use the classic diamond-drag technology, with ever improving complex software behind it which creates a difference that shows. The machine’s diamond cuts into the metal, creating beautiful patterns that sparkle and shine, giving more dimension to text and graphics, while a laser merely burns off a coating. We invested in sand-carving as neither rotary nor laser engraving created a crystal product we were willing to sell, but carving allows us to create beautiful pieces that are always crisp with noticeable depth that creates engraving that really pops. Both of those processes in particular require an intense amount of training and skill - we generally figure it takes about 5 years to fully train someone to mastery in all of our equipment and software.

For our budget constrained customers we also offer full-color sublimation products, which is a flat fee, so we're able to contain as much text and artwork as will fit nicely in the available space. To my mind a very high-quality but inexpensive sublimated piece is far better than a piece that won’t last or needs to skimp on the message to save on engraving costs.

Going beyond the capabilities of our equipment is our people. When customers come to us they find they can expect not only guidance on what materials to use or award to buy, but they also know they can count on us for suggestions with wording and a beautiful layout for the finished piece due to the graphic design skills of our production staff, be that altering photos, digitizing your company’s graphics, creating custom artwork or simply knowing what fonts will look nice together and convey the feeling they’re going for.

All of the above and our day-to-day conduct is informed by our tag line – Recognition is Respect Made Visible.




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