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The Team Behind the IPJ Pennant.

Amey Ryan purchased IPJ Real Estate in 2014 from its founder Ingrid Punderson Jackson.  The brand has become what it is today because of the powerhouse women that are now representing it:  Owner-Broker Amey, alongside Brokers Sarah Peluso, Beth Stanway, and Courtney Houston DeBisschop.  Add the invaluable support of Office Manager Karen James, and the creative solutions of Marketing Director Polly Raine, and the team is finely tuned to receive your business.  You may have noticed its humbly assertive signature red logo dotting Addison County landscapes?  It is a visual extension of the qualities these women share, as presented here.


The Characteristics of Superior Service.

The highest standards of service for both buyers and sellers require a devotion to the customers’ and clients’ goals; a determination for successful outcomes without expense to others; and full-time efforts for the cause.  Our Broker-agents are ensconced around the clock, enthusiastically living and breathing all things real estate because for these four women, it’s truly enjoyable.  Your calls are invited and answered professionally and in a timely manner.  Your search is their search.  Your property has great value to them, no matter its price tag.


More Than Just “local” – Community-Devoted.

We’re not just residents, we’re active participants in our communities.  Our team contributes their time, energy, and funds to help develop our neighbors’ ambitions, to help weave local business into the daily lives of residents, to assemble pathways, foster connections, and support alliances between community members.  At IPJ Real Estate, we just simply care – the 25+ local not-for-profit organizations we’ve sponsored in 2017 are a testament to that devotion.


How ‘Independent’ and ‘Boutique’ Can Shape Transactions.

We are not corporate.  We are also not subject to prescribed solutions, preferred demographics, template approaches, or immovable guidelines.  The principles we’re bound to uphold are the rules of real estate (to which we are devout), and our individual and group commitment to the needs and desires of our clients and customers.  Align yourself with the individual and the team that is best able to serve your needs and represent your desires the best solution is frequently ‘out-of-the-box’.


A Team Approach to Real Estate.

At IPJ Real Estate we work together, share goals, support the same mission, and we do so with the utmost of integrity.  The success of each and every one of us is necessary for the success of the others. Because we know this, we operate in an open office steeped in conversation. We talk about what we do well and why, what we need to improve upon and how best to make those improvements, and enjoy contributing to solution-finding for the challenges that present themselves.  This type of work environment is highly unusual in any industry, and especially in Real Estate; the result is that each and every one of us is behind each and every one of you.


Market Share is Revealing.

Year to date, IPJ Real Estate has sold more Units, and greater $-Volume, than any other firm in Addison County: 149 units (83 more than our nearest competitor), and 21.93% of the total volume of sales (that is 14.91% more than the nearest competitor).  For the $500K+ market, our percentage of Sales volume climbs to 37.11%, or 24.58% more than our nearest competitor. *statistics acquired through NEREN, MLS, 11/22/17, Jan. 1 2017 through Nov. 22 2017, Addison County sales.

You’ll find our boutique storefront at 34 Main Street in downtown Middlebury (it’s just as inspired as the services we offer).  We’d like to join you in your real estate adventure.  At the very least, stop by – we love to meet our neighbors.