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We believe that Technology is the key to the future of construction. At ReArch, we are reinventing the construction process by embracing technology and offering solutions during the earliest design phases to save customers time and money through the use of 3D scanning before, during and after construction. With our scans, we can create as-built drawings with incredible accuracy and help our subcontractors and project team members to reduce unknown conditions & maximize efficiency during site visits. Prior to construction we have the ability to work with owners to see what their building will look like with the use of photo realistic renderings and virtual tours. Throughout construction, ReArch utilizes animated 3D site logistics and phasing plans to communicate effectively with all project stakeholders.



Despite all of our growth, we value our employees and clients above all. This year we were named one of the Best Places To work in Vermont by our employees, and have not sacrificed the level of service, or quality of work that we have always provided to our clients and will continue providing for years to come.