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ReArch Company offers our clients a comprehensive suite of development, construction, and property management services. We are unique in that we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to every project. We have proven that using an integrated design process with the entire project team (owner, architect, engineer, sub-contractors and consultants) from the earliest stages results in the most thoughtful, innovative and responsive solutions. Clients are often surprised to learn that the majority of cost savings are found prior to construction which in turn, generates the most overall value to the owner. Using this vertical integration of services has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing companies in the region.

ReArch Properties is a division of ReArch Company, and both our development and property management services fall under this umbrella. With a diversified portfolio of past and present development partnership projects spanning the commercial and residential spectrum serving as the Prime Developer or the Development Manager, we specialize in providing pre-construction services such as Project Planning, Site Selection and Acquisition, Permitting, Fund Sourcing, Feasibility Analysis, and Financial Structuring. ReArch’s development focus is on rehabilitating and renovating distinctive examples of historic architecture, creating innovative and attractive new buildings, as well as constructing sustainable and environmentally-responsible residential and commercial projects. Our experience in each of these, along with our project management, design, construction, and property management capabilities, make ReArch Company an ideal development partner or development manager for your next project. Our construction, development and property management experience gives us a holistic perspective on how buildings are constructed and operate, making ReArch Properties a premier facilities management company. This technical expertise makes us uniquely qualified to manage your property more efficiently than other leading property management firms. We have experience managing nearly 1,000,000 SF of properties throughout New England. Each team member is highly trained and skilled in areas ranging from electrical engineering, HVAC, plumbing and building automation systems. Our team specializes in capital planning and preventative maintenance by taking a proactive approach. We believe that an effective plan will save you money, extend the life cycle of your equipment, and provide peace of mind. This proactive approach to facilities maintenance goes beyond the routine servicing of equipment. We focus on how your equipment works together, and how it works with your infrastructure.

ReArch Company offers several different types of construction services including Pre-construction Planning, Design-Build and Construction Management. We focus on creating a better design through intelligent, collaborative, and proactive steps which focus on identifying thoughtful and responsive solutions and advanced construction concepts. This is part of our commitment to design better and build smarter.

The name ReArch Company (re-ark) is short for re-architecture and was derived from the founder & owner, John Illick’s passion for owning and repurposing historic buildings. Some of these early historic development and construction projects helped pave the way to ReArch’s continued growth and success today.


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