PT360: Better Together

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PT360 is the collaborative genius of their legal and financial team, and the love, trust, and support of 12 members, families, and friends.  Many of the original owner/members were not financially savvy business people and it was a true labor of love and the unwavering belief they had in each other and the team as a whole.

The owner/members created PT360 from the ground up with a solid foundation of committed owners. PT360 owner/members wanted to create a business with autonomy, that focused on their differences as they related to the group as a whole, they wanted to deliver healthcare unlike any of their competitors, they wanted to share in the financial risk, they wanted to play an active role in the community, and they wanted to take over the financial decisions of their business.

PT360 began as a group of 12 Owner/Members, Preferred Share Holders, and a Board of Directors.  In August 2010, PT360 opened its Burlington, Vermont office and started treating patients.  In December 2010, PT360 opened its Williston, Vermont clinic and started treating patients. Their first year was a year of sacrifice for all owners, deciding as a group not to pay themselves vacation, holiday, and/or sick time in order to take on the financial burden of all 12 salaries.  Owners agreed to only be paid for revenue generating hours and many donated hours of their time to develop the website, meet with marketing specialists, assemble furniture, and/or maintain the pool and/or clinic spaces.

With ownership, they raised their practice standards to include volunteering 15 or more hours/month to community outreach; serving on a Board of Directors (non-paid) in the community; and having each Owner/Member establish and grow a medically-directed exercise program within our clinic.  The results were astonishing; they tripled the Burlington clinic space in two years, maxed out the Williston clinic, and developed a third clinic in Shelburne, Vermont in July 2013. 

In November 2017, they are pleased to announce the expansion of their Williston clinic to add an additional 1900 square feet of space, to offer their patients more private rooms, group fitness space and a turf track for agility and sport specific activities.  In addition, they now offer a therapeutic yoga class to their list of group fitness classes.


PT360 commitment to their patients and community at large:

As a cooperative, they have learned that they are Better Together, combining the strength, skills, and services of several therapists under one roof. 

They have a vested interest in their patients and community unlike any clinic in the area.

They are very committed to their local community and throughout their years of service have offered free weekly senior fitness classes, Dragonboat Boot camps, Survive and Thrive, a free cancer survivorship program,  Sugar X, diabetes management program, and Lyme Disease rehabilitation in addition to their standard services.

They have also participated and served on Boards in the Community such as the March of Dimes, Special Olympics, Burlington City Marathon, Vermont Dragonheart, Stowe Weekend of Hope,  Vermont Employee Ownership Center, NDAA, Survivorship NOW, Eleanor B. Daniels Fund, and Vermont Elder Resource Group.

They have expanded their programs and offer punch cards for their salt-water pools to help defer some of their patients’ healthcare expenses and/or help patients to stretch out their limited number of visits.

As their name indicates, they provide 360 degrees of care – prevention, rehabilitation, and facilitation of life-long health and wellness.

PT360 has adopted the principles set in motion by great leaders in business such as Jim Collins, Good to Great, who proposes that good to great companies get the right people on the right bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats and then they figure out where to drive it.  Jack Stack, The Great Game of Business, proposes that open book management creates an environment in which people continually learn and grow.   And Brad Hams, Ownership Thinking, How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit.  PT360 have adopted all these principles into their core values and beliefs, mission statement, and strategy.


PT360, Vermont’s first and only Employee-Owned Physical Therapy Cooperative, 17 Owners, 35 Professionals and growing...


Better Together.