Peace of Mind For Your Family and Loved Ones

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Medicaid ~ Trusts ~ Wills ~ Estate Planning ~ Elder Law


Stephen A. Unsworth, Ellen B. LaPlante and Wendy Hillmuth focus exclusively on Estate Planning, Elder Law and Medicaid Planning. Unsworth LaPlante is the only Vermont member of the American Academy of Estate Planning
Attorneys. LaPlante and Hillmuth are also members of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.


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The firm is different from most because we have a passion for Medicaid and Estate Planning and feel there is a gap in most families’ plans. Other firms mainly address “after death” issues, leaving families vulnerable when the unexpected happens during life. We know it is a great privilege to help families effectively plan their estate and leave a meaningful legacy. We work to protect assets from being spent down on a nursing home and to plan ahead for long-term care.
We also provide planning to ensure that your heirs do not lose a substantial amount of your hard earned assets to estate taxes. Additionally, we realize that clients entrust us with all of their worldly wealth and work to make sure it’s preserved, not only for their use but for generations to come.