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Norris, Inc., northern New England’s leading system integrator is investing in Vermont! Glenn Gurney who has been with Norris, Inc. for over 25 years is heading up the Vermont operations and Dame Diette, a life-long resident of Vermont has been hired as a System Integrator  designing and selling quality engineered systems for security, life safety, and communications. Dame has a background in technology and equipment consulting primarily in the fire service market, and has done business with over one hundred towns and cities in the green mountain state. For more than 35 years Norris, Inc. has helped businesses and organizations create a safer, more efficient environment.


Since its inception in 1979, Norris Inc. has held a philosophy of being customer service oriented and providing the highest quality, cost effective equipment through partnerships with industry-leading systems manufacturers and dedication to training employees to provide its customers with the latest high tech applications. With corporate headquarters in South Portland, ME branch offices in Bangor, ME and Lee, NH, Norris Inc. is looking to open a Vermont office in 2018.




Unfortunately every school and business today has deep concerns about their security and have been reviewing their existing systems which are often outdated and a mix-match of different brands and very little integration but Norris, Inc. has the solution with Vigilance Software’s network based emergency call system.


With its extensive experience in security and life safety, Norris Inc. collaborated with several security professionals and developed the most extensive, easy to use and cost effective emergency call system on the market. Features like watch-dog supervision were added to ensure the system would work when needed. In addition to emergency alerts the system has a wide array of signals, including active shooter, emergency weather alerts and medical emergency. The system also allows the end user to create their own buttons - as many or as few as they would like.


Integration into existing systems gives Vigilance the ability to automatically alert police or emergency response, lock down doorways or trigger an alarm. To take it beyond the laptops and workstations of the facility, the system includes, telephone and radio integration with the ability to send e-mail/text messages and/or pre-recorded messages to phones or over huge overhead outdoor speaker arrays.


Norris Inc. and Vigilance Software have worked closely with its early clients, collecting feedback and requests to better serve their needs. This enabled them to add features like enabling or disabling an acknowledgement alert that opens on the sender’s screen and limiting notifications to specific personnel. The recently released hosted solution reduces start-up costs making it affordable to everyone.


So now schools and businesses do not have to wire up expensive panic buttons that employees must reach for, making it obvious they are sending a panic signal. Instead, one or two inconspicuous clicks of a mouse will get the emergency message out to the right people within seconds. It is customizable, fully configurable and scalable to meet the needs of everything from a small office to an entire campus.


Norris Inc. is your local dealer providing Vigilance Systems and can provide the integration to other systems that makes this system so unique.  Call, click, or email to setup an evaluation.


Advancing security, life safety, and communications.