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We offer it in every way we can. It builds trust among our team, customers and clients, and within the community. Our numbers are not bragging rights, they are simply facts. As Independent Contractors, Realtors rely on numbers to gauge their own personal success, to analyze market conditions and price property to sell, and to make qualified negotiations on behalf of their clients. Although numbers quantify success, success is achieved solely by our relationship to community:

1. A robust presence

across media; anyone can have a digital audience – it’s the marvel of the internet that at face value we’re all created equal – we see that the real potential is in consistency, usability and user engagement, and in a clear message that speaks to the needs of our clients; that same message must manifest across all mediums, and in real-time interactions, equally.

2. Effective, honorable Agents

who are committed to their career choice and to a shared vision as a firm; we are educated and experienced, work brilliantly as a team, and work full-time on behalf of our clients’ best interests with the goal that all parties in a transaction are treated fairly.

3. Dedication to community.

We think of it as immersion. After all, when your community is strong, its markets are strong. When your community is impassioned, its people are engaged. When the community knows each other, it supports its neighbors’ causes. For the individuals that make up the IPJ Real Estate team, this manifests far beyond the $30,645 contributed as a firm, it’s about the personal purpose each of us finds in our own neighborhoods as volunteers. It’s about the time and energy we give because sharing goals and aspirations grows our sense of place. We love where we live, we live what we love, and we share our enthusiasm with those around us.

FULL-CIRCLE. The term sums up the paradigm we operate by. It applies
to every aspect of our business and our relationship to community. We believe
in giving forward – the result comes full-circle, and provides each of us a
more resilient, vibrant and personable place in which to live, work and play.

Service), 1/1/18 TO 10/31/18, CLOSED SINGLE