Institute for American Apprenticeships at Vermont HITEC

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The Institute for American Apprenticeships (IAA, founded in 2000 as Vermont HITEC) began with the idea that with the necessary resources and support, people who lack sufficient education but have the desire and ability to learn can be prepared for a suitable career. Over a decade ago, 20 individuals in rural Vermont proved our theory. Since then, hundreds of Vermont residents have done the same – each of them moving through their own challenges to complete an intensive academic program that culminated in gainful employment or advancement with one of our employer-partners.  IAA programs range from information technology to healthcare to advanced manufacturing industries.

IAA workforce development programs are designed to provide the academic knowledge, technical skills, and hands-on training needed to succeed in a specific career. At the same time, an IAA education helps individuals develop the communications, human relations, citizenry, and analytical skills essential for career growth and value to their employer. Our year-round, on-demand format enables participants to complete their studies and advance in their employment with our employer-partners as quickly as possible, working at the speed of business.  IAA programs are custom-designed to address specific needs of employers; the programs help build a strong Vermont workforce in important ways, including bringing jobs back home from overseas and creating entire work-at-home divisions, which engages talent in rural areas.

IAA programs have the rigors of an academically-reviewed curriculum with the necessary position-specific credentials through national certifications by examination.  In short, IAA transforms workers with little or no skills into highly productive employees.  In addition to transforming individuals through career preparation, the IAA model services employers through business and workforce analysis, recruitment, reverse-engineering curriculum development, education delivery, apprentice transition into the workplace, performance standards and metrics, performance reviews, mentoring and retention. This accelerated model is applicable to any industry, for any occupation.

Over the past 17 years, Vermont HITEC collaborated with over 30 Vermont and New Hampshire businesses to employ over 1,400 individuals in the business services, health care, information technology and advanced manufacturing fields. Employer-partners include Dartmouth-Hitchcock, UVM Medical Center, Allscripts, IDX (GE Healthcare),, Hypertherm, Husky Injection Molding, Vermont Information Processing, Vermont Precision Tools, nThrive, DealerPolicy, and more.

IAA’s accelerated model has received significant national attention over the years. Due to its successful results, IAA has presented at dozens of conferences to speak about the model and the use of competency-based apprenticeships for non-traditional occupations. This expanded to national recognition where US Department of Labor/Office of Apprenticeship featured the IAA model in several of its regional and national clinics and webinars.  IAA continues to be invited to speak about the model on the national stage, including at Jobs for the Future’s Congressional and Executive Staff Briefings on American Apprenticeship Models (November 2014); National Association of Workforce Boards 2015 Forum - WIB and Registered Apprenticeship Work-Based Learning Partnerships Delivering Results (March 2015); and Jobs for the Future’s Bridging the Gap Conference: Trading Up: How Work-Based Learning Can Connect Students to Careers beyond the Trades (April 2015).

Throughout 2016, IAA has participated on numerous panels presenting the values and benefits of registered apprenticeships to the business community. For example, see Bersin by Deloitte IMPACT 2016 Presentation: New Ways to Build Talent – Registered Apprenticeships at Dartmouth-Hitchcock (April 2016); and USDOL American Apprenticeship Initiative Grantee Conference, Panel Discussion of IT Apprenticeships (April 2016). IAA’s employer-partner nThive was a keynote speaker at the USDOL American Apprenticeship Initiative Grantee Conference (December 2016). The IAA and two of its employer-partners, Hypertherm and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Systems, were all featured in the US Department of Commerce ROI report entitled The Benefits and Costs of Apprenticeships: A Business Perspective (November 2016).


For more information about the Institute for American Apprenticeships at Vermont HITEC, please contact or write Dr. Gerald Ghazi, J.D. at Institute for American Apprenticeships at Vermont HITEC, P.O. Box 1548, Williston, VT 05495; or e-mail