HCRS believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live a life of dignity, respect, and value.

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Since 1967, as the designated community mental health agency for southeastern Vermont, HCRS has been serving the communities within Windsor and Windham counties through comprehensive mental health, substance abuse, and developmental disability services. Our dedicated, professional staff provide
essential services and supports for those most in need. HCRS prides itself on not only helping to address the specific issues that bring an individual or family to our door, but also ensuring that our clients have their basic needs met. This includes a roof over their head, a safe place to call home – not the street, a park bench, or an encampment on the Connecticut River. This also involves helping clients to gain employment or other means of being able to put food on the table and warm clothes on their backs. It is essential that individuals and families have the security of these basic needs met in order to focus on recovery and living a successful life.

HCRS has been referred to as “a beehive of innovation” for our outside-the-box programming. Over the past 50 years, we have developed numerous such programs which illustrate our expertise in supporting those most in need within our communities, whenever and however help is needed. Here are just a few of our more recent innovative initiatives:

  • Police Social Work Program which integrates staff within local police departments
  • Sparrow Project and DUI Treatment Program which offer intensive substance abuse services for individuals charged with multiple DUI’s
  • Employment program
  • Supports offered by peers who have lived similar experiences as clients
  • Integration of services within local hospitals, emergency rooms, and pediatric practices

As a major employer in southeastern Vermont, HCRS’ commitment to helping people in its communities extends to our more than 575 staff with one of the most affordable and comprehensive benefit packages in the State. In addition to offering an exemplary health insurance plan that includes medical, dental, and vision coverage, the Agency offers a 403B savings plan with a 100% match up to 5% of salary. The benefit package also includes non-traditional options such as a no-interest computer loan program, snow tire reimbursement, a generous leave policy, and flexible work options. We want our staff to view their relationship with HCRS as not just a job, but as a long term career. We support that idea with a range of professional development opportunities. HCRS’ wide array of available positions, ranging from those requiring an MD or RN license to those needing a high school diploma, results in an environment with a great deal of advancement opportunity.


Celebrating 50 years of compassionate care