Community National Bank: A Health Relationship with the RehabGYM

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The RehabGYM’s History

Sharon Gutwin had envisioned a place where Physical Therapy and Athletic Training professionals could work together to treat the full spectrum of physical health. In 2002, she opened the RehabGYM a hybrid facility with a gym as well as a physical therapy clinic. The name “RehabGYM” was chosen to combine both aspects of physical health and rehabilitation.

As a Physical Therapist, Sharon’s experience and passion for health and fitness has made her a leader in promoting a healthy life style and health care reform. The RehabGYM’s mission is to enable and empower individuals to good health and to prevent injury and disease through safe, effective exercise and nutrition.

Sharon’s first location was designed to easily expand to new locations. The RehabGYM enterprise has grown and now has three locations – Colchester, Barre, and Williston Vermont. The RehabGYM’s newest location is in Kismet Place in Blair Park, Williston. Sharon chose Assistant Vice President and Commercial Lender Will Hamilton and Community National Bank to provide financing to suit her specific needs.

Building on the Vision

“At my first meeting with Sharon at her Barre location, I could see she has spent years building something special. The setting of her Barre location is welcoming; it doesn’t feel like a gym at all, and it doesn’t feel like any sort of medical facility either. The RehabGYM is much different than I expected of a place to recover from an injury or surgery; it’s Sharon’s creative vision for wellness.

The plan for her Williston location built on that vision. At that first meeting, she told me she wanted to build a much larger space and provide suites for other healthcare providers. It was a big project with a lot of moving pieces. But one piece was certain: nothing would stop her!

We learned more about her story and her direction, and were able to offer a broad financing bundle, which included construction financing using the SBA 504 program. The construction of Kismet Place was such a fun and unique project, bringing together different aspects of healthcare to create something great.

Supporting entrepreneurs in our communities is what drives our bank. We are grateful to Sharon for letting Community National Bank be involved in this amazing project, and appreciate her continued efforts to keep people healthy.” – Will Hamilton, CNB Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer

Helping the RehabGYM Thrive

“Community National Bank sets itself apart from other banks in its passion to take an active role in business development. Will Hamilton expressed a genuine interest not only in my business, but in my vision of what the RehabGYM and Kismet Place would become. The process of acquiring financing was remarkably comfortable with Will’s abundant support, knowledge and a bit of good humor.

I have found everyone from Community National Bank a real pleasure to work with. It is as if I have become “family” and with that a feeling of authenticity in the relationship. I know I can trust that they are committed to helping me and my business thrive.

I am deeply grateful for Community National Bank’s sincere interest and investment in the RehabGYM and Kismet Place. I feel the sense of community as we partner in the vision of improving health and fitness. Together we are changing lives!”

– Sharon Gutwin, Owner of the RehabGYM and Physical Therapist

“We’re Vermont’s Community Bank”

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