Barre Area Development Corporation: 10 Reasons to Grow Your Business in Barre

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1. Industrial Space

Over 40 acres of land at Wilson Industrial Park is available for industrial and business development with secured Act 250 permits and public utilities.


2. Opportunity Zone

Much of downtown Barre City’s industrial and commercial sector is in an Opportunity Zone.


3. Logistics

Barre has easy access to key logistical infrastructure including I-89, the E. F. Knapp State Airport, Washington County Railroad, and is home to a trucking industry built to haul granite throughout the U.S.


4. Workforce Development

Barre is home to the Central Vermont Career Center, Stone Arts School, RPR Driving School, Giroux General Transport, and offers easy access to Vermont Technical College.


5. It Pays to Pick a Winner

Over 20 businesses have opened, relocated, or expanded in Barre since last fall.     


6. Municipal Infrastructure

Barre has robust municipal infrastructure capacity including water and sewer for most industrial areas. Whether you’re looking downtown, along Route 302, Route 14, or at the Wilson Industrial Park, you’re covered.


7. Workforce

Barre is in the heart of Vermont’s second largest labor market.


8. Major Investments

The Barre area has seen over $110,00,000 in capital investment since the Great Recession.


9. Commercial Capital

The Barre Revolving Loan Fund is available to businesses looking to grow in Barre through Barre Area Development. Barre is also home to over 10 banks and credit unions and is also home to Vermont Community Capital.


10. Technical Assistance

Barre Area Development, The Barre Partnership, and local municipal governments are available to assist businesses in Barre that are looking to grow. Additionally, Capstone Community Action, headquartered in downtown Barre, is available to assist micro businesses and entrepreneurs.  |  |  (802) 476-0660