Vermont’s Gardener’s Supply Company promotes new CEO

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Tue, 01/12/2021 - 12:49pm -- Denise Sortor

Gardener’s Supply Company, one of the nation’s largest multi-channel marketers of gardening products and accessories, has announced that Jim Feinson, CEO, has left his position at the end of 2020. Jim joined Gardener’s Supply Company in February 1988 and became President in 1999 and CEO in 2008. Under his leadership, the company transformed their catalog marketing business to online marketing, increased new product development and expanded to four retail garden centers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Jim will continue to contribute to the success of the company as an Advisory Board Member. The current President, Cindy Turcot, has been promoted to President and CEO. Cindy is a founding employee of Gardener’s Supply and previously served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Cindy is recognized as a leader of the employee ownership (ESOP) movement nationwide, having helped found the Vermont Employee Ownership Center and served as Chair of both the New England and subsequently the national ESOP Association. Will Raap, Gardener’s Supply founder and Board Chair said “Gardener’s Supply has been blessed to have such strong continuity of leadership, that has not only created a successful Vermont business, but which has honored and expanded our original mission of business serving the broadest community, and of improving the world through gardening.”

Gardener’s Supply has won numerous local and national awards for their business success, innovative products, employee ownership, and community contributions. The company is recognized nationally as a leader in the socially responsible business community and donates 8% of profits to gardening, sustainable agriculture, and hunger-related causes. In March of 2018, Gardener’s Supply was named National ESOP Company of the Year.