Heritage Aviation FBO joins David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program

David Allen Certified welcomes Heritage Aviation (BTV) in Burlington, Vermont to the David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program. This program allows Heritage Aviation to expand its FBO services to include the disinfection and protection of aircraft, hangars, offices, vehicles and other corporate assets, both in aviation and beyond the airport to serve the needs of the businesses across their community.

“It’s exciting to announce today the expansion of our disinfection and protection services through our David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program. We recognized early on this year that businesses both in aviation and beyond were facing significant challenges to become well informed and treated fairly as they scrambled to adapt to the “new normal” of operating their businesses with proper protocols for disinfection and protection during the outbreak of Covid-19. Creating a partner program where FBOs could utilize existing staff and provide the new services of disinfection and protection was an innovative way to help serve the aviation industry.” shared David Allen, Founder and CEO.

While most are focused on disinfection services and products, David Allen Certified has long recommended a two-step process for both Disinfection & Protection. Founder, David Allen is a disinfection and protection product expert that dates back to 2009 when he helped clients manage through the H1N1 pandemic.

"Being a 100% employee-owned business means everyone is fully invested, through the good years and challenging ones. We can all agree that 2020 has certainly proved challenging for the aviation industry. The opportunity to add a new FBO non-fuel revenue stream, protect our own work environment and strengthen job security for our employees were all part of our decision to join the David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program”, stated Vicki Parrella, Human Resources Director.

The David Allen Certified recommended process is a two-step approach; Step 1 is to clean and disinfect surfaces and Step 2 is to provide a protectant that has proven efficacy against bacteria, germs and viruses for up to 30 days. While there are a host of products that fit the bill that are EPA Registered and FDA approved, not all products are aviation approved. It is important to choose the right products and the right recurrent protocol for each unique space and equipment.

Heritage Aviation CEO - Matthew Collins advised, “We are always looking for strategic ways to grow our business at Heritage Aviation. The David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program poised us to take care of our own business disinfection and protection needs, serve our customer’s needs and support the needs of our community beyond the airport. We feel like this program is a perfect fit to expand our FBO services.”

About David Allen Certified:

David Allen Certified provides the following services and business opportunity:

David Allen Certified Disinfection and Protection Services for your aircraft, commercial real estate and corporate assets, and has coast-to-coast AOG Ready Response Teams for urgent matters that can arrive onsite in 8-24hrs.

The David Allen Certified Disinfection & Protection Training and Certification Program includes expert assistance in choosing and sourcing the right products, writing the recurrent disinfection and protection services protocol to meet the needs of your business, and providing training and certification to your team members to manage the ongoing disinfection and protection for the safety of your customers and team members.

The David Allen Certified Licensed Partner Program is a business opportunity to become part of our partner network. This opportunity allows a business who participates in our David Allen Certified™ Disinfection and Protection Training and Certification Program to not only meet the needs of their own business, but to create a new revenue stream by providing these services for customers and other businesses.

David Allen Certified launched its David Allen Certified Disinfection & Protection Training and Certification Program with the Ross Aviation FBO Network and a major US based commercial airline in early 2020.

For David Allen Certified additional information on protecting your aircraft, commercial real estate, and corporate assets, contact David Allen at [email protected]

About Heritage Aviation:

Heritage Aviation is a 100% Employee Owned - Certified B Corporation aviation services company that provides Fixed Base Operations, Maintenance, and Avionics from Burlington International Airport. For over thirty years our Diamond Award winning FAA-certified repair station has provided the region with outstanding aircraft maintenance and avionics support.

Our nationally recognized FBO division is famous for its customer service while offering 24/7 ground handling, fueling, deicing and related aviation support capabilities. Heritage Aviation’s LEED Gold certified general aviation facility utilizes wind, solar, green roof, and rainwater harvesting technologies as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.