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Mac Computers are Gorgeous

Thu, 06/22/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

24th June 2006 ,No doubt. Since they retain the hardware specs, and therefore, a lock on the hardware on which Jaguar will run, they've done a great job at making said hardware sleek, modern, and fancy. They've done a lot of work to make the computer look like a futuristic device.
My Mac Book under load runs up to 95 degrees Celsius, or 203 degrees Fahrenheit. It isnt rocket science to understand that is extremely hot, easily hot enough to
inflict a wound.


Wed, 06/21/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

Draker Solar Design, LLC and Vermont Hand Crafters, Inc. have both partnered with Burlington communications company Moondyne Agency.
Draker Solar, a key player in the green technology sector and specialist in fully integrated 'green' data acquisition, has charged Moondyne Agency with developing a new look and feel for the growing brand's print and collateral efforts.

The Evolution of Mac

Wed, 06/21/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

22nd June 2006, A family of desktop and laptop computers from Apple, introduced in 1984. When spelled Mac, short for Macintosh computer. It was the first computer to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI). The combination of Mac hardware and software has been exceptionally consistent over the years, providing an ease of use that Mac users have enjoyed.

A to Z of Mac Parts

Tue, 06/20/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

The Mac OS:
Mac OS runs smoothly. That's what I noticed first off. There's very little waiting, very little fussing, very little Ctrl+Alt+Del/End Task for behavior control.
For Macintosh Computer Users, Mac OS 9 is the last stop a famous train. It's the last version of the operating system that changed the world that put the Mac on the map and inspired such imitators as Microsoft Windows. After Mac OS 9, Apple Computer plans to introduce Mac OS X, a radically new operating system that looks and works nothing like the Mac we'
ve come to know.

Supermarkets, National retailers fined

Thu, 06/15/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

Supermarket Chains Fined Nearly $20,000 for Violating VT
Retail Pricing Laws
Three major supermarket chains, one drug store chain, and
one other national retailer have been cited and penalized for violating Vermont
retail pricing laws.  Shaws, Price
Chopper, and Grand Union Supermarkets; Rite Aid Pharmacy; and JC Penney have all
agreed to pay penalties ranging from $1,000 to $3,500 for overcharging consumers
for items in their stores.
The violations were discovered during routine surveys by

Champlain College unveils innovative BYOBiz Program to grow the businesses of young entrepreneurs

Wed, 06/14/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

BURLINGTON, Vt. --The state of Vermont has an extremely strong small-business tradition--running the gamut from specialty food companies to graphic design firms to high-tech start-ups--all providing employment to Vermonters and bolstering the states economy.
Building on that tradition and Champlain Colleges reputation for innovative, hands-on education, Champlain President David F. Finney unveiled a new program on June 15 that will help young entrepreneurs grow their businesses while they attend Champlain.

Governor calls emergency dairy summit

Tue, 06/13/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

Governor Douglas to Call Emergency Dairy Summit
Also Seeks Federal Emergency Relief
WHAT:      Governor
to Call Emergency Dairy Summit
Burlington, Vt.-Governor Jim Douglas has announced
that his administration, working with the Vermont Milk Commission, is organizing an Emergency Dairy Summit to discuss all available
means to help farmers in the near term so that they can weather what the
Governor calls a 'perfect storm' of circumstances.
"Low milk prices, high fuel and energy cost and poor crop, or in

Internet-based business tactics are focus of new Champlain College online courses

Tue, 06/06/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

BURLINGTON, Vt.--Area experts in Internet marketing and business practices are teaching five new 'mini-courses' at Champlain College this summer and fall. The online courses are well-suited to business professionals who want to use Internet technologies to advance their organizations. Each of the one-credit courses runs for five weeks.
"These are tactics that don't require traditional textbook teaching," said Elaine Young, director of Champlain's e-Business Management program. "These are practical, ready-to-use-right-away courses."

SBA Vermont Small Business Person of the Year and Champion Award Celebration

Mon, 06/05/2006 - 8:00pm -- tim

SBA Vermont Small Business Person of the Year and Champion Award Celebration
NEWS EVENT:     The 2006 Vermont Small Business Person of the Year and Champion Award recipients will be honored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) at a ceremony presented by Vermont Business Magazine at Burlington's Waterfront Park.