Commonwealth Dairy launches organic GMO-free Greek yogurt

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Commonwealth Dairy launches organic GMO-free Greek yogurt

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 3:31pm -- tim

The innovative, award-winning yogurt producer Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy of Brattleboro is launching a new product line: authentic organic strained Greek yogurt. The new product is GMO-free and probiotic, with 5 live and active cultures and an exceptionally smooth & creamy texture. Commonwealth will initially distribute quarts of its organic plain yogurt with Costco in the San Francisco region, and then expand to include organic vanilla quarts and wider distribution. In early 2015 Commonwealth will roll out a line of single-serve organic fruit on the side flavors that are much lower in sugar than traditional FOB/Blended Greek yogurt. 

The milk for Commonwealth’s new organic product line is being supplied from a group of small certified Californian organic farms.  These farms have their animals on land that uses only USDA National Organic Program approved herbicides and pesticides for three years prior to the organic cows grazing on the land. The cows are fed an organic diet and treated holistically—with no use of antibiotics or other medications to treat illness for one year prior to the cow being milked as an organic cow for the first time. These practices embody Commonwealth’s sustainable economic, social, and environmental business practices.

Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, which produces high quality Greek and traditional yogurt products for a variety of retailers, as well as its own line of Green Mountain Creamery products, is known for its innovative approach to safe production methods, high quality products and commitment to environmental sustainability. With its original production plant in Brattleboro, Vermont, Commonwealth opened an additional facility in Arizona last year, allowing it to expand its production capacity, client base, and better serve its customers with locations on the west coast.

Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy produces the Green Mountain Creamery line of yogurts which contains no artificial preservatives, additives or colorings and are made with only the purest ingredients including rBST free milk. Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy returns 5% of its net profits directly back to the farmers who supply its milk.

 Awards for Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy include:

·         2011 Award for Excellence in Community Development – Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation

·         2011 Largest Yogurt Smoothie – Guiness Book of World Records

·         2012 World Dairy Expo Dairy Product Championship Contest first place
for the Company’s Green Mountain Creamery brand of Vanilla Greek yogurt

·         2012 Fabulous Food Plant – Food Engineering Magazine

·         2013Phoenix Award for environmental revitalization and economic redevelopment.  

·         2013 IDFA Most Innovative Product – Green Mountain Creamery Maple Greek Yogurt

Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, LLC is a joint venture between Ehrmann USA Holding, a US subsidiary of Ehrmann AG, and Commonwealth Yogurt.      

Source: Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy 10.28.2014