VBSR’s business energy action reduces consumption by 5.6 percent, exceeds goal

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VBSR’s business energy action reduces consumption by 5.6 percent, exceeds goal

Thu, 05/22/2014 - 5:01am -- tim

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility has announced that the member businesses in the Business Energy Action (BEA) challenge have reduced their overall energy consumption by 5.6 percent, beating the program’s stated goal of 5 percent. Companies from law offices to restaurants, from a single employee to some of the state’s biggest employers, all worked to reduce their footprint from electricity and heating needs.

Maclay Architects in Waitsfield has been incrementally reducing their overall office energy use over the past fifteen years. 

“In our work, we help people to create and renovate highly energy-efficient spaces, and we wanted our office space to reflect those values.  Over the last few years we have become a net-zero office through efficiencies in our office equipment, converting our heating system from propane to heat pumps, and installing photovoltaics.  We tackled the large efficiency measures, but there are still smaller measures that we will continue to pursue in the coming year to further reduce our overall energy use.   We are very proud to be a part of Business Energy Action and are thrilled to be a part of the Vermont businesses that achieved this goal,” said Bill Maclay, Founding Principal.

Innovative Bodywork in Morrisville was able to crush the 5% goal by combining efficiency measures with the use of renewable energy.  Rebecca Kraemer, Owner of Innovative Bodywork, stated, “Energy efficiency is extremely important in my small business because I have a commitment to my clients and myself to run as environmentally responsible a workspace as possible.  I take pride in choosing products with low environmental impacts, I use solar panels for the majority of my electricity usage and it just makes sense that I would always try to reduce both my energy usage and cost.  I'm grateful to have participated with Business Energy Action to reduce my fuel usage and I'm thrilled that it made such a positive difference in my bottom line!"

With year two of the program well underway with over 30 new participating businesses, Business Energy Action continues to improve the energy picture in Vermont with tangible results for BEA members. 

Business Energy Action is funded with two federal grants that were received with support from Senator Leahy and Senator Sanders.

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Founded in 1990, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) is a non-profit, statewide business trade organization with a mission to advance business ethics that value multiple bottom lines: economic, social, and environmental. VBSR members employ more than 13% of Vermont’s workforce and general more than 4 billion dollars in revenue annually. We strive to help members set a high standard for protecting the natural, human and economic environments of the state's residents, while remaining profitable. We advance VBSR's mission through education, public influence and workplace quality. www.vbsr.org.

Burlington, VT, May 19, 2014-- Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility