GMP, Tesla team up on electric storage plan

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GMP, Tesla team up on electric storage plan

Sat, 05/13/2017 - 12:25pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Green Mountain Power announced Friday a first-of-its-kind program that includes the Tesla Powerwall 2 and utilizes Tesla’s cutting-edge GridLogic software platform. According to Kristin Carlson, GMP's VP of Strategic & External Affairs, this partnership will help customers make a dramatic step forward in energy independence by using stored energy to help drive down the costs of the grid and improve the comfort, energy use, and resilience of their own homes. The program will also help directly lower costs for all customers by reducing transmission and capacity costs, especially during peak energy times like hot summer days, while also increasing reliability, she said. 

The impact of this program is significant, Carlson said. GMP estimates a reduction of up to 10 megawatts of peak load, which is the equivalent of taking an average of 7,500 homes off the grid. When paired with solar, the program also allows customers to generate and store their own energy and power their homes during outages.

"The tremendous value is that this GridLogic platform is a game changer because it will lower cost for all customers – those with and without the battery," Carlson said. "Without action the cost of the antiquated bulk grid will continue to increase and impact customers." (CLICK HERE)

Today, modern utilities and grid operators are utilizing battery technology like never before. The next step in tapping the potential of energy storage is putting together thousands of batteries to form an energy network, allowing utilities to deliver immediate value for the electric system. Tesla can now bundle Powerwall and Powerpack batteries into a single portfolio, also called aggregation, to make the grid cleaner and more efficient. Meanwhile, Powerwall customers who allow Tesla and the utilities to use their battery when energy demand is highest will not only have home backup power, but will also receive compensation for its use on the grid.

To introduce this program, Tesla and Green Mountain Power, are working together to bundle Powerwall and Powerpack batteries into a single resource of shared energy for the first time. Green Mountain Power will install Powerpacks on utility land and deploy up to 2,000 Powerwall batteries to homeowners within the utility’s service territory, which will enable more renewable energy and increase grid efficiency.

For $15 a month or a $1,300 one-time fee, customers will receive backup power to their home for the next 10 years, eliminating the need for traditional, manually-controlled backup generators that use fossil fuel. Separately, the Powerwall battery is $1,500.

At the same time, Tesla and Green Mountain Power will provide a variety of grid services using the network of installed Powerwall batteries, delivering dynamic capacity (energy reserves that can be dispatched when they are needed most) and additional grid stability, while sustainably lowering costs for all utility customers. Tesla will also work with Green Mountain Power to dispatch the aggregated resource into New England’s wholesale electricity markets, producing additional savings for customers in the region.

The Green Mountain Power program is just the beginning. Tesla is working with energy retailers, grid operators, utilities and aggregators across the globe to unlock the ability for Tesla batteries to deliver grid services while providing reliable power at all times of day. As the deployment of Tesla batteries continues to accelerate, we can scale the adoption of renewable energy, cost-effectively modernize our aging infrastructure, and improve the resilience of our electric grid to benefit everyone. 

To find out more about how to aggregate Tesla batteries to strengthen the electric grid and accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, visit

Separately, Tesla also announced this week that homeowners in Vermont can now put in orders for Solar Roof, which can also be integrated with battery storage. Homeowners can generate and consume energy in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, potentially lowering their energy costs and minimizing dependence on fossil fuels and the grid.

The solar roof is made to look more like a traditional roof, rather than a roof with racks of solar panels attached.

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