Burlington Electric Department highlights energy savings at Burlington schools

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Burlington Electric Department highlights energy savings at Burlington schools

Thu, 06/12/2014 - 6:00am -- tim

A recent report from the Burlington Electric Department of the last two years of BSD efficiency upgrade project costs, incentives, and savings showed a large increase from 2012 to 2013.The Burlington School District took on many efficiency projects during 2012 and 2013 including upgrading lighting at BHS and adding occupancy and day lighting sensors to the lighting in the gym, adding many variable speed drives to boiler pumps in several of the schools, upgrading the cooler and freezer at Edmunds to take advantage of outside cold air and more efficient motors, along with adding controls to ventilation fans so that they now run only when needed, among many other projects. The District has been busy and the community has benefited.

Mark Irish, Property Services Co-Director, commented, "We have successfully worked with Burlington Electric Department the last several years to identify energy efficiency projects that offered a quick return on investment and energy cost savings that could be passed along to the taxpayers of Burlington. BED has been extremely helpful through each of the projects and we look forward to continuing this working relationship. Thank you BED!"

The many projects throughout all District schools resulted in a savings of 347,839 kilowatt hours a year and lowered the demand by 120 kilowatts. Because of the work that was done, the District also received many incentives from BED, which added up to about $75,000. More efficiency projects are planned for this year that will increase the savings and overall energy performance of District buildings.

2012 Total Savings: $17,656
2013 Total Savings: $31,042
Total Savings: $48,698.

Source: BED 6.9.2014