Rhino Foods, Inc., Recipient of the Excellence in Action Award

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Rhino Foods, Inc., Recipient of the Excellence in Action Award

Sun, 07/13/2003 - 8:00pm -- tim

The challenge facing Rhino Foods' was how to insure continuous employment for its
valued people in a business that is seasonal. The solution that Rhino has
adapted and made part of its business practice is to exchange its
employees with companies whose business cycles and seasonal fluctuations
are opposite to that of Rhino's. Rather than placing people on layoff,
these employees work temporarily at the other employers (usually about two
months) and come back to Rhino when they are needed.
Rhino Foods designed
this innovation with the help of those directly affected by the situation.
A survey of participants indicated that they gained new skills and
increased trust in Rhino's communication and commitment to the employees.
The expense reduction results show ongoing trends of improvement. The
Employee Exchange Program aligns with Category 5 - Human Resource Focus of
the Baldrige Criteria. The program reinforces the notion that the
employees and their families are Rhino Foods' greatest assets.
The Vermont Council for Quality Excellence in Action Award has been
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