Enviromentally Conscious????

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Enviromentally Conscious????

Fri, 01/16/2004 - 8:00pm -- tim

Before you spend time or money with a professional carpet cleaning company contact local teacher, Grady Turner, the co-founder of ALL CLEANED UP LLC™ Vermont’s Socially Responsible Carpet Cleaning Company. Turner’s brainchild supports his passion for teaching and addresses his concern for our surroundings. “Carpets act as a trap for indoor air-pollutants that affect the air our children breathe. We created a cleaning system combining science and technology to provide value in terms of; performance, health and environmental benefits. Our services deliver proven performance while remaining competitive in price as a socially responsible company, our obligation is to the environment using only organic products that are readily biodegradable and safer for people” stated Turner recently from his home, the quaint All Tucked Inn Bed & Breakfast, he shares with his two Labs, Fred and Opal. Turner extensively reviewed the “green” products available and given the growing interest and demand in “green” cleaning products, he concluded, “Seventh Generation® and Enviro-Solutions® have the demonstrated value our customer’s demand...
• Naturally Based Renewable Ingredients

• Considered Essentially Non-Toxic

• Exceeds Acute Toxicity Standards

• Minimizes Impact on Fish, Wildlife, Drinking Water and Swimming Locations
Satisfied customer Maureen Finnerty stated recently, “Performance of their products and services are excellent, considering their products are safer for our surroundings. I was also impressed because they actually showed up on time and completed a five-step process. I was about to rip up my carpets but they brought them back to life, I was happy to save the money.” As a new company Turner stated that “We already have many happy customers, both residential and commercial. Besides our earth-friendly approach we use high performance portable machines that are not affected by the cold weather and go where most truck mounted companies cannot.” Turner also notes that, “Many cleaning companies use harmful chemicals and only offer a two-step cleaning process, some don’t even vacuum! While ALL CLEANED UP LLC™ offers five-steps…” 1) Proper vacuuming to remove dust and other contaminants 2) Pre-spray to penetrate and dissolve most stains and soils 3) Apply Envirocide™ shampoo which breaks down and emulsifies particles 4) High solvency, low pH, high-heat, extraction - rinses and dries quickly with no residues 5) Mist and spray Envirocide™ odor eliminator - which leaves carpets hygienically sanitized.
“Our expertise in carpet care is available 7 days a week for those emergency spills and pet stains. Customer
service and user-friendliness are important aspects of ALL CLEANED UP LLC™ please urge your boss, co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors to call us at 802.878.5680 for a free consultation.”