Vermont 9th in US on high school AP exams

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Vermont 9th in US on high school AP exams

Fri, 02/24/2012 - 5:18am -- tim

Vermont high school seniors posted a strong showing on the 2011 College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams, the department announced today. 
The AP program offers high school students college-level courses in a variety of subject areas. In all, 2,062 Vermont students who graduated in 2011 participated in the AP program and took the exams. More students succeeded on the exam (1,361) than participated in AP 10 years ago (1,176). (SEE CHART BELOW)
‘Vermont students should take pride in their accomplishments on these exams,’ said Commissioner Vilaseca. ‘Advanced Placement classes are rigorous, high-level college courses. These strong results demonstrate that students who are taught the subject matter, who are exposed to these challenges, and who see the value in the course and the assessment, can excel.’ 
This is important information following the department’s recent reporting on state high school math and science exams, which found the majority of high school students are not scoring proficient in math and science. In that case, it may indicate that students are not receiving the appropriate coursework prior to taking the assessments. The department is currently surveying all high schools to determine what math courses are required for graduation. 
AP exams are scored on a scale of one (lowest score) to five (highest score). Sixty-six percent of Vermont exams taken by high school seniors were scored at three or higher, compared to 60% nationally. A score of three or above is considered demonstrating college level mastery of the content. Vermont is ninth in the nation for the percentage of high school seniors scoring a three or higher on the AP exams. 
More Vermont highlights include:

32% of all high school graduates participate in AP courses (national average 30%)
21% of high school graduates took the exam and demonstrated proficiency (national average 18%)
Vermont has nearly doubled its successful completion rate (12% in 2001 vs. 21% in 2010) 

English AP courses were the most popular in Vermont and Calculus AB was second most popular.  The number of low-income students taking the AP exam has also risen. Over 10% percent of the students taking the exam were from low-income backgrounds, 85 percent of whom scored a three or higher. 
To see how Vermont compares nationally, please visit the College Board’s AP Report to the Nation at
Vermont DOE. 2.24.2012

Source: The College Board