Adult Ed business programs at College of St Joseph

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Adult Ed business programs at College of St Joseph

Mon, 08/30/2004 - 8:00pm -- tim

October 6th kicks off the start of a new group of adults seeking a masters degree in business administration from the College of St. Joseph. This program is specifically designed to accommodate working adults who want to expand their career opportunities and earning potential. Courses focus on developing managerial leadership skills and conveniently meet one evening each week. Students advance through the coursework with their original group, which provides the added benefit of developing strong relationships within the classroom and the workplace.

For adults who are not quite ready for an MBA, the college offers a bachelors degree in organizational leadership using the team approach and meeting one night a week. It is not too late to register for these classes, which start on August 31st. Past college experience and life experience are combined with this eighteen month program to help you achieve a bachelors degree in business. These programs are designed for your lifestyle to help you achieve your career goals and meet the scheduling demands of work and family.

For more information on registration for these business programs offered at the College of St. Joseph, call (802) 773-5900 x3242 or visit our website at

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