House Ways and Means lowers toxic chemical reporting fee

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House Ways and Means lowers toxic chemical reporting fee

Sun, 04/27/2014 - 3:47pm -- tim

by John Herrick The House Ways and Means committee Thursday approved a bill to regulate toxic chemicals found in children’s products. The committee voted 8-3. The committee amended the bill, S.239, to require manufacturers to pay $200 every two years for each chemical they are required to report to the state health department. The previous reporting fee was set at a one-time $2,000.

The department will create a list of chemicals is determines could be harmful to public health. The department would then decide whether to require manufacturers to label or remove these chemicals from their products.

The health department said it has enough money to create a website to post the chemicals manufacturers use in their products. However, it will need more resources to determine whether to regulate chemicals, which requires scientific testing to prove the chemicals in certain products causes harm.

The reporting fee is used to support the program outlined in the bill. The department will report back to lawmakers next year with a request for any additional resources to manage the program.

The reporting requirement would go into effect July 1, 2016.

The House Appropriations Committee is currently working on a budget for the program.

S.239 is on the House notice calendar for Tuesday.