House passes bill to require gender-free public bathrooms

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House passes bill to require gender-free public bathrooms

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 3:54pm -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont House gave preliminary approval to H333 on a vote of 123-19 today, requiring that all single-user bathrooms in public buildings be labeled as gender-free. The strong support that this bill received on the floor exemplifies the House’s commitment to supporting Vermonters of all gender identities and ensuring that fundamental equalities are preserved. This legislation is a step forward to protect the basic human dignity of Vermonters and will have an immediate and tangible effect in our communities.

“In an era when Legislatures across the country are rolling back fundamental rights and dignities, I am proud that Vermont is being a leader for gender equality by expanding access to bathrooms, rather than restricting access,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. “We’ve heard heartbreaking testimony on this issue, including stories of children afraid to use the restroom at school. If the federal government isn’t going to protect Vermonters, it is our duty to step in. Policy like this strengthens our communities and makes Vermont a safer, healthier place for all.”

H.333 will now move to the Senate for consideration.

The bill can be viewed here:

Source: Speaker of the House. 4.21.2017