Burlington College Street Garage construction closures begin April 24

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Burlington College Street Garage construction closures begin April 24

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 3:56pm -- Anonymous

Vermont Business Magazine Starting on Monday, April 24, the College Street Garage will be closed as it undergoes necessary structural repairs. Work will begin under the management of Structure Preservation Systems, LLC. Over the next four months $2.1 million in repairs and improvements will be completed at the College Street Garage. The City of Burlington expects to preserve the garage to allow for at least 20 more years of use as a parking facility as a result of this investment.

During all phases of construction both the College Street and Battery Street entrances to the College Street Garage will be closed. The project will be completed in stages, with different floors re-opening throughout the summer. Throughout construction, level 4 will remain open although accessed only from the Lakeview Garage. Phase 1 is expected to be completed by mid-June, following which Garage Level 3 will reopen. Phase 2 will be completed around mid-July, allowing parking to re-open on the 2nd level of the garage.

Finally the entire garage will reopen, including the College Street and Battery Street entrances, by mid- August, with completion of the project expected sometime in early September. Guests of the Hilton Burlington will still have access to parking in the Lakeview garage, via its Cherry Street entrance. Leaseholders should also use the Cherry Street entrance and park in the Lakeview Garage. Additional capacity exists in the Lakeview Garage to accommodate those with current leases.

The City of Burlington will put a hold on issuing new parking garage leases until this project is complete.

In 2014 the City’s Department of Public Works (DPW) conducted a full engineering assessment of all municipal garages. As a result, $9 million in necessary repairs and improvements were identified. Beginning in 2016, DPW began work to complete this work. As a result $1 Million in work was completed in the Marketplace and College Street Garages in 2016. This College Street Garage Project represents the next phase of this important work.

Park Burlington will continue to post updates on social media as well as parkburlington.org. Additional questions can be directed to the Burlington Department of Public Works email or 863-9094 x3.