State of Vermont fully committed to Vermont’s cutting-edge V-GaN Tech Hub

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At press conference following a celebratory event March 1, 2024, included, from left, Senator Leahy, Governor Scott, Senator Welch, Lieutenant Governor Zuckerman and GF CEO Caulfield. VermontBiz photos.

Vermont Business Magazine Governor Phil Scott today reiterated his strong support for Vermont’s Tech Hub V-GaN by devoting resources to transform the Green Mountain State into a world leader in Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors.

“This Tech Hub designation will expand Vermont’s expanding tech sector and introduce new and lucrative career opportunities for Vermonters,” said Governor Scott. “The State’s collaboration with industry and educational partners is an investment in the rural economy and our youth, and my Administration is standing by to help V-GaN in any way it can.”

GaN is the future of semiconductors. GaN chips are more efficient, lighter, smaller, and more durable than silicon. They have many applications, including electronics, healthcare, sustainable energy, and defense.

A recent CHIPS Act investment in GaN and GlobalFoundries reinforces why this region was designated a Tech Hub by the U.S. Department of Commerce. GlobalFoundries’ Fab 9 plant in Essex Junction is already producing GaN chips in a limited capacity, and is poised to be the first to mass produce this technology in this hemisphere.

Building off that achievement, the V-GaN Tech Hub features rapid development of chip design taking place at the University of Vermont and elsewhere, prototyping conducted at GlobalFoundries, and testing/characterization at a new lab at OnLogic.

Vermont leaders join GlobalFoundries CEO to celebrate announcement of CHIPS investment in Essex Junction facility

“My Administration is also taking a leadership role in this effort,” Governor Scott continued.  “The Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and Vermont Department of Labor are working closely with the University of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges, and GlobalFoundries to support V-GaN and to help it thrive.”

Below are just some examples of the State of Vermont’s ongoing commitment, collaboration, and investments:

  • WORKFORCE: Vermont ‘s Employment Services will support employee recruitment, training, and retention for V-GaN Tech Hub.
  • COORDINATION: Direct coordination between Vermont’s Workforce Expansion Program and V-GaN.
  • APPRENTICESHIP: Creation of the Registered Apprenticeship Program in partnership with the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) to work with Tech Hub employers to target new occupations for apprenticeship.
  • PREPARING STUDENTS: A summer professional development program for teachers on the development of new curriculum to support student learning with skills that support Tech Hub occupations.
  • TRAINING AT GLOBALFOUNDRIES: The Vermont Training Program is prepared to award GlobalFoundries a $4.5 million grant to train current and future employees for the mass production of GaN semiconductors.
  • MARKETING: The State of Vermont is committing tens of thousands of dollars to help market the V-GaN Tech Hub.

A big crowd, including GlobalFoundries officials and employees.

A big crowd, including GlobalFoundries officials and employees and Governor Scott, Senator Welch and former Senator Leahy. Peter Welch is at the podium here. 

More than 60 businesses, educational institutions, and municipalities have already signed on to support and work with Vermont’s Tech Hub. Governor Scott is inspired by V-GaN’s vision of the future and dedication to collaboration and education, and is excited to watch it transform Vermont into the world’s leader in GaN.

Source: 4.9.2024. Berlin, Vt. – Governor