Community Sailing Center breaking ground on waterfront redevelopment project

A ceremony to commemorate a new ADA accessible waterfront for all

Vermont Business Magazine The Community Sailing Center (CSC) is excited to announce it will host a groundbreaking ceremony Friday, September 29, 2023, at 2 PM to commemorate the construction of a new ADA accessible waterfront. The waterfront infrastructure will allow wheelchair users easier access to the waterfront, ensure a seamless transition onto docks and along piers, provide everyone an opportunity to get out on the lake regardless of physical limitations and empower community members to create their own adventure. The new waterfront redevelopment project is scheduled to be completed by May 1st, 2024.  

“We have designed the waterfront with 100% accessibility in mind,” said Executive Director Owen Milne. “With the construction of this new waterfront, we will be able to provide our community with safe entry to the water, and easier access and support for sailors of all abilities. We hope to continue to break down barriers within the sport of sailing as no one should be left ashore.” 

The groundbreaking ceremony will kick off with a press conference, and feature long-standing supporters of the project as well as CSC staff. Kingsbury Construction will serve as general contractor for the redevelopment project. For more information, visit or contact [email protected]

About the Community Sailing Center: A community-based non-profit organization, Community Sailing Center (CSC) encourages and celebrates the responsible use and long-term stewardship of Lake Champlain by fostering educational and recreational access for all members of its community. The CSC serves over 8,000 people annually through award winning water-based programs and initiatives to instill a sense of ownership in Vermont’s foremost natural resources. A mainstay of the Burlington community for almost 30 years, the Community Sailing Center continuously strives to provide universal access for all and to empower the next generation of lake lovers. 

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Source: 9.22.2023. Burlington, VT — The Community Sailing Center