Senators Ram Hinsdale, Baruth push housing initiative with Commissioner Hanford

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Senators Ram Hinsdale, Baruth push housing initiative with Commissioner Hanford

Thu, 03/02/2023 - 10:57am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Senator Ram Hinsdale and President Pro Tem Baruth gathered with Representative Sims, Representative Stevens, Commissioner Hanford, and a broad coalition of Vermonters, businesses and housing advocates to mark the momentum on housing opportunity legislation.

“We are here today to not just focus on S.100 but the broader issue of housing as a major priority for the legislature,” said Senator Ram Hinsdale, Chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing and General Affairs. “S.100 and other priority housing bills are about addressing every rung on the ladder from homelessness to home ownership. If we are going to be a more diverse and welcoming state, as well as an economically stronger one, we need to eliminate the regulations that exclude and limit housing opportunities for Vermonters.” 

S.100, which passed unanimously from the Senate Committee on Economic Development and is currently being reviewed in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, seeks to address Vermont’s housing crisis by enabling more housing opportunities that reduce sprawl and protect our forests and farmlands. 

“I’m here for a very simple reason and that’s to express my profound gratitude to Senator Ram Hinsale and the Senate Committee on Economic Development for the work they’ve done on the housing bill,” said Senate President Pro Tempore Baruth. “Addressing our housing crisis is a top priority and I have great confidence in the work of Chair Ram Hinsdale, Chair Bray and their committees to craft and move forward with a bill that prioritizes Vermont's housing needs while also maintaining important environmental protections.”

S.100 would improve housing opportunities for Vermonters by minimizing regulatory barriers and promoting smart-growth development. You can read more about this bill on the legislative website.

MONTPELIER, VT –  3.1.2023. Office of the President Pro Tempore