Clear Spot announces new partnership

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Clear Spot announces new partnership

Sat, 01/08/2022 - 3:36am -- tim

Providing Communications Content and Strategy for Vermont Organizations

Vermont Business Magazine Richmond-based Clear Spot, a communications company serving mission-driven organizations, is pleased to announce it is expanding as a partnership between co-owners Katie and Kevin Titterton. Founded in 2016 to support Vermont nonprofits with thoughtful, nimble, and affordable communications content and strategy, Clear Spot works with organizations supporting the arts, children, education, the environment, food systems, energy resilience, poverty relief, and more. 

Both Katie and Kevin Titterton have years of experience working in Vermont’s nonprofit landscape. Katie is a writer and editor whose interest in social and environmental justice led her from books to nonprofit communications, marketing, and fundraising. She has written about Vermont issues in award-winning features and commentaries. Kevin Titterton is a creative and analytical thinker with broad knowledge of the Vermont arts community. He has senior leadership experience, and has worked for and partnered with regional and national organizations. 

As Clear Spot, they are trusted partners to the groups they serve, delivering timely, relevant, and effective communications with compassion and curiosity. For more information, visit  

Source: RICHMOND, VERMONT - Clear Spot 1.7.2022