Peaceful Harvest: Our Story From Biopharmaceuticals to Medicinal Mushrooms

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Peaceful Harvest: Our Story From Biopharmaceuticals to Medicinal Mushrooms

Tue, 10/26/2021 - 3:46am -- tim

Vermont Business Magazine Everyone has a story and Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms is excited to share theirs. Karen and Brian Wiseman are redefining success on their humble homestead in Worcester, Vermont. In 2011, they left their careers and 401ks behind to embark on a new journey of showing up in the world, serving the community, and embracing the environment. The new video tells the story of how their path became clear, and they began combining a passion for growing mushrooms with their scientific expertise, to produce small-batch medicinal mushroom tinctures and powders. 

Brian sums up their epiphany, “Along the way we discovered that the mushrooms we grow are not only delicious and gourmet, they’re also highly medicinal. And that’s when it clicked with Karen, who has a background in pharmaceuticals and chemical engineering, that there might be somewhere else we can take this adventure.”

Their homestead quickly evolved and their first cultivation facility was completed in 2015. More recently, through participation in the Vermont Farm and Forest Viability Program, they refined their business plan and overhauled their brand. This resulted in support from two local economic development lenders who assisted in the purchase of their new FDA-approved facility, which enabled them to expand their mushroom cultivation and product manufacturing capacity.

It’s evident that this is just the beginning of their story. Enjoy the video!

About Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms
Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms are organically cultivated in an FDA-approved facility. To ensure peak freshness and potency, they only use mushrooms grown on their farm or just outside in the abundant forests they call home. They draw inspiration and knowledge from traditional herbalism, contemporary pharmaceuticals, nature-based spiritual practices, and rigorous scientific inquiry. Their suite of complementary myco-driven products is formulated by a recovering pharmaceutical engineer & herbalist who crafts each small batch with love and intention. They use the whole mushroom and mycelium and minimal processing to honor nature and maximize the healing potential of every product.

Source: Worcester, VT - Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms