AOT Road Construction Report, Week of October 18

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AOT Road Construction Report, Week of October 18

Sat, 10/16/2021 - 11:48am -- tim

Vermont Agency of Transportation This weekly report is a list of planned construction activities that will have traffic impacts on state highways throughout Vermont for the week of October 18. Please remember to drive safely in all work zones. Lives depend on it.


I-89 Berlin – The bridge deck replacement project is nearing completion. Expect lane reductions in the Northbound and Southbound lanes of travel. Motorists should be aware of a work zone speed reduction.

I-89 Middlesex – A culvert project is underway. Most work will occur off the roadway, but motorists should expect shoulder closures, reduced speeds, and occasional lane closures between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to allow for construction vehicles in/out of the work area.

I-89 Sharon – A bridge rehabilitation project continues. Northbound and Southbound traffic are reduced to one lane in each direction. Motorists; be aware of a work zone speed reduction.

I-89 White River Junction – Our partners at NHDOT are working on a multi-year bridge replacement project on I-89 over the Connecticut River. Motorists should expect lane and speed reductions over the bridge. 

I-91 Hartford – Motorists will encounter continuous lane closures on I-91 in both directions between Exits 12 and 11 as crews continue bridge repair operations. 

I-91 Rockingham –The bridge replacement project nears completion. Both northbound and southbound travel lanes are open to traffic. Expect narrow lanes; please use caution.  

I-91 Weathersfield – A bridge deck replacement project is underway at Exit 8 over VT 131. Traffic is reduced to one lane in each direction, with a speed reduction in place.

Around the State

Berkshire – A culvert replacement project nears completion on VT 118 just north of its intersection with VT 105. Motorists can expect minimal delays for final paving and line striping.

Burlington – Work on the Shelburne Street Roundabout project is underway. A new traffic pattern is in place along U.S. 7 (Shelburne Street) between Flynn Ave and the intersections with St. Paul Street/Union Street and Beech Street. U.S. 7 northbound traffic is reduced to one lane beginning at Flynn Ave.

Motorists should expect lane closures and one-way traffic (eastbound) on Locust Street, Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Burlington Waterfront - The AMTRAK/Greenway project continues. A full closure of Maple Street at the location of the rail crossing remains in effect. Access to the public lot will be maintained at all times via King Street.

Calais – A bridge replacement project nears completion along VT 14 just south of its intersection with Pekin Brook Road. Both travel lanes are now open to traffic.

Castleton – Motorists will encounter lane closures with alternating traffic at the intersection of VT 30 and VT 4A for a sidewalk construction project.

Cavendish – Weathersfield – A roadway reclaim project nears completion on VT 131. Motorists should expect alternating one-way traffic in the vicinity of multiple operations. Plan on reduced speeds and some delays.

Chelsea – Thetford – A resurfacing project progresses along VT 113. Motorists should expect delays as crews continue paving operations in Vershire moving west.

Chester – Springfield – Multiple bridge replacement projects are underway on VT 11 between VT 103 in Chester and VT 106 in Springfield. Expect one-way alternating traffic at multiple points along this route, with minor delays in several locations.  

Essex – The culvert replacement project along VT 117 is now complete. Travel Safely.

Groton – Newbury – Motorists should expect alternating one-way traffic on U.S. 302 with moderate delays as crews pave the final wearing course, side roads, and driveway aprons. Slope work, guardrail installation, and sign installation will continue.

Hartford – Motorists should expect minimal traffic delays on U.S. 4 and VT 14 as crews install pavement markings. Crews will also install aggregate shoulder along VT 14. 

Motorists can also expect alternating one-way traffic on Sykes Mountain Avenue for the roundabout project as crews pave driveway aprons and work on line striping.

Johnson  Morristown – Motorists should expect multiple traffic control packages and delays on VT 15 as crews pave the mainline, sideroads, and driveway aprons starting at the Hyde Park roundabout moving towards Morristown. Work will continue on curbing and drainage.

Middlebury – Travelers can expect alternating travel lanes during evening construction hours (7:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m., Sunday night – Thursday night) on U.S. 7. Drivers should use caution driving near the freshly painted lines.  

North Hero – Grand Isle – Drawbridge construction continues along U.S. 2. A speed reduction is in place. Mariners: The drawbridge has suspended its daily operating schedule until May 15, 2022. To request an opening or to communicate with the bridge tender, please use Channel 13 or call 802-372-4360.  

Pittsford – Multiple roadway reconstruction activities on U.S. 7. Expect one-way alternating traffic throughout the week, creating delays. Motorists should proceed with caution through new traffic patterns and lane shifts. A speed reduction to 35 mph remains in effect.  

Plymouth – A multi-week closure of VT-100 between U.S. 4 and VT 100A remains in place until late October. Traffic continues to be rerouted from the south side to VT 100A and from the north side to U.S. 4. Through-traffic is not permitted.

Plymouth – Bridgewater – A paving project is wrapping up along VT 100A. Motorists should still expect some areas of one-way alternating traffic as crews work on miscellaneous items.

Proctor – The North Street bridge project is wrapping up. North Street has been reopened to through-traffic; one-way alternating traffic will be in effect. Delays may occur.

Richford – A bridge replacement project is underway along VT 105 approximately one mile south of its intersection with Main Street and River Street. Motorists should expect one-way alternating traffic with minimal delays.

Richford – Jay – Motorists should expect one lane of alternating traffic along VT 105 in multiple locations for pavement markings and project cleanup. Minimal delays.

Ripton - A roadway and streambank stabilization project on VT 125 is underway. A one-way alternating traffic pattern will be in effect in various locations throughout the project. Delays may result.

Shelburne – So. Burlington – A series of signal improvements continues along U.S. 7 at intersections between McIntosh Avenue and Swift Street. Motorists should expect nighttime lane closures in the areas of operation.

Swanton – Highgate – A series of culvert replacements begins along U.S. 7. Motorists should expect areas of one-way alternating traffic and reduced lane widths.

Williston – Due to the closure of Muddy Brook Bridge on Kimball/Marshall Avenue, motorists on U.S. 2 will see an increase in traffic interruptions and should expect extended delays during peak commute hours in the morning and evening. Plan for extra travel time through the area.

Motorists will also encounter a temporary detour along U.S 2 near its intersection with Industrial Avenue as crews work on grading and paving.

Wilmington – Brattleboro – A resurfacing project is underway on VT 9. Motorists can expect alternating one-way traffic as crews conduct ditching and slope work in Brattleboro, excavation activities near South Road, and drainage work in Marlboro.

Woodford – A ledge stabilization project continues on VT 9. Eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane; a lane shift for westbound traffic is in place through November. A speed reduction is also in effect. Brief periods of flagged traffic will be required to allow trucks in/out of the construction zone. Expect minor delays.